Small Quests to Happiness

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love” on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

“Sometimes you have to shape the quest of the reality in your life…” – Elizabeth Gilbert

Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut, which I think is pretty normal for a lot of people. Sometimes my life feels repetitive, you know, the routine. Wake up, eat, sleep, friends or television, bed and repeat. And this feeling of being stuck, have pushed me over the edge to do irrational things, such as planning an overseas trip I can’t yet afford, went searching for another job that I don’t even know I wanted. This feeling pushed you to live in the future and stop living in the moment.

I came across this video and feel so inspired by what Elizabeth Gilbert and Oprah talked about. Creating small challenges for yourself on a daily basis to make your life that little bit more interesting. I have decided to set a challenge for myself, throughout my day, my week, I have to discover a thing of beauty and post it on my Instagram. Be it nature, man-made or everything else in between #funsizequest, and you can follow my quest or start your own with the same hashtag. Why do it alone, when together its THAT much more fun 🙂

Enjoy the video, I hope it inspires you to start your own “fun size” quest, in search for your own happiness and inner peace in this amazing planet we live in.

Have a wonderful and restful Sunday…

-love K.

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