Being Whole

“… it’s better to just embrace the glorious mess that you are…” – Elizabeth Gilbert

I do believe that when you send a request to the universe, if you listen, they always without fail gives you the answer you need. Since this morning, I have been trying my hardest to get my balanced self back together. I have been baking, I have been drinking more hot green tea than my sick body can handle, all that did not help, well maybe it did help a tiny bit.

As soon as I went on my search to find a good inspirational video to put up for today’s Soulfood post, the first thing that pop-up is this video where Elizabeth Gilbert talked about being whole. I am so glad to hear her sheer honesty on this topic. To be honest, I am very hard on myself, have always been that way, and I tend to take rejection and failure of any kind a lot harder than most people. I’m sure I’m not unique in this situation. But I have learn to let go and surrender a lot more, cause the older I get, the less unimportant people’s opinion or judgement matter. But somehow, little knick here and there will eventually create a hole, and I start to spin out of control.

So here I am, as I sit in wait for few things to fall into place in my life, keeping this short quote in mind about embracing the glorious mess that I am, I hope I can share with you a moment of reflection and inspiration. When we stop demanding ourselves to be balance, to be whole, and embrace who we are, as we are, perhaps then we can be truly content with our life…

Have a restful and peaceful Sunday everyone.

-love K.

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