Food// On The Spice Trail

I am a foodie. Wherever I go, on my day to day life or when I’m traveling half way around the world, the first thing I will research is where do the local eat? Well more importantly, where can I eat? Apart from this passion for eating good food and trying new cuisine, I am passionate about cooking them as well. Most of my memories about places I’ve been to, are link to my taste buds. So having a spice shop next to my work place is such a blessing for me, as they have mix different blends of spices that have help me re-create these travel memories in my kitchen. My current spice mixes are taking me to places in Asia, a Moroccan Souk and a sunny lunch on an Italian seaside rooftop. Believe me, food will take your imagination further than you think…

And for dessert, these artisan chocolates are so subtle and delicious, you must give it a try…


So what food creation will I come up with using these amazing spice mixes???!?? The possibilities, my friends, are endless… Stay tune!

PS: Next post will also feature chocolate as the main ingredients 🙂

-love K.

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