An Invitation to Let Elephants Be Elephants

Part of being a whole and aware human beings, we need to be aware of the environmental issues surrounding us everyday. This Sunday, I would like to take the time to highlight the issue of ivory trades which resulted in elephants being poached and killed close to the point of extinction.

I remember as a little girl, my first trip to the zoo in Indonesia called, Taman Safari (Safari Park). I was as excited as any young girl can get to see all the exotic animals, my favorites are the tigers and elephants. Fast forward few years, going to Australia Zoo with a group of my university friends, feeding the elephants were the highlight of my trip. I am in awe at these majestic animals. As I become more aware of the issue surrounding the ivory trade, I feel compel to spread the information further. Especially being of an Asian descent, the fact that Asian consumers are the drive behind these illegal poaching of elephants, shocked and angered me. So I went on a search for more facts and informations.

There are many organizations that are dealing with conservation, I am a supporter of WWF myself. But this particular campaign co-founded by Nadya Hutagalung and Dr. Tammie Matson, Let Elephants Be Elephants relates to me in a way that they are focusing on educating the Asian consumers about the fact that, many elephants have to die in order for the tusk to be removed. All that for a necklace or a bracelet, seems very pointless doesn’t it? The campaign is genuine and personal, and I always believe that knowledge is power, therefore by sharing information and educating the consumers in Asia we can stop the demand which will in time, resulted in the end of elephant poaching. Follow their youtube channel and learn more about this amazing campaign on their website. Let’s help anyway we can, our actions can help saves these elephants. In the future, our children will experienced that same excitement we all feel as a child, the first time we encounter these majestic mammals.

-love K.


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