Food// Queqedjoe: a review


For order call: +61 401 555 682

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You know the saying, “good things come in small packages”??? In the case of Queqedjoe, the saying couldn’t get closer to the truth. I got offered to try their delicious no-bake cheesecake last week and I’m not the kind of person that says no to any type of food, really. So let’s start from the beginning…

One Valentine’s Day, not so long ago, the idea of creating this delicious dessert comes to mind in Jakarta, Indonesia. They started small, taking order via Instagram, Blackberry Messenger and Path. Before long, the demand for these perfect-sized cheesecake grew and they started to open stalls in various Culinary Bazaar around Jakarta. Queqedjoe ended up winning the award of, “The Best Booth” in Grand Indonesia’s culinary event.


Fast forwards to today, Queqedjoe is finally here in Melbourne. Quick plug-in:

Queqedjoe at Melbourne’s Batman Market,

THIS WEEKEND 22nd November – 23rd November

Individual cheesecake for $4.50 or 5 for $20

Available flavors: green tea, cookies & cream, mango & salted caramel and toblerone

So how does the individual cheesecake really taste like, you might ask? I received three flavors, the red velvet, tiramisu and mango & salted caramel. I prefer to review them separately as Queqedjoe has 6 to 7 different flavors on their rotation. Here we go…

IMG_0567.JPGRed Velvet – True to its flavor’s name, I am big fan of the red velvet. It’s not too sweet which I love. There’s good balance between the creamy cheese, biscuits base and the actual red velvet cake layers.

Tiramisu – I love the idea of this cheesecake, its taking on a classic Italian dessert recipe which is so hard to make even better. They have good flavors in them and the addition of actual coffee-soaked biscuit is a good surprise. I would however, love just a little bit more coffee flavor overall. I felt that the cream cheese overpowers the coffee a little bit.

Mango & Salted Caramel – Now this is the last flavor I tried, and this one is definitely my favorite. I was a bit hesitant to try the combination of mango and salted caramel, fearing the possibility of it being too sweet. But I am happy to be proven wrong. I can definitely taste the mango and the thin layer of salted caramel on top adds to the overall flavor of this cheesecake.

I can’t wait to try more flavors from Queqedjoe, it’s the perfect sized individual desserts! Obviously, the festive season is upon us and I think Queqedjoe individual cheesecakes are perfect, and I happened to know, they will be taking order during Christmas! So for all of you Melbournian out there, head onto their facebook and instagram pages (link above), follow them and stay up to date with all the Queqedjoe’s goodness. I will be visiting their booth in Batman’s Market on Saturday, see you all there…

-love K.

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