The Woman I Wanted To Be, Diane Von Furstenberg

I’ve just finished reading her memoir, “The Women I Wanted To Be”, and every page of that book is filled with inspirations. I wanted to share a little bit of that inspiration with you this Sunday. This video is done beautifully by Net-a-Porter, capturing the essence of the woman and the brand.

In the end of the book, Diane Von Furstenberg talked about building a legacy, to leave something behind that will stay beyond her lifetime. I truly believe her commitment to empower other women is her legacy. I am just one of billions of young women that looks up to her and find her life to be truly inspiring. I am one of of the many new generation of young women, who listen to her every words. We visualize ourselves, one day,  in one of her wrap dress to go to our own business meetings or perhaps, to meet a lover. Without realizing it fully, Diane Von Furstenberg, has become the legend and fulfilled her own vision to leave a legacy.

And for these bits of wisdom that she shares through her book, her  interviews, her new show on E!, I thank her…

-love K.

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