Sealoe, Sweden

I have to admit, I am a little obsessed with home decor trinkets. Imagine my joy when I stumble upon this online store, take a peek at their webpage, Sealoe. They have everything from cool wall prints, cushions, throw-everything-on tray, endless!! Amazing!! IMG_0898.JPGIMG_0897.JPGIMG_0896.JPGIMG_0895.JPGIMG_0900.JPGIMG_0901.JPGIMG_0899.JPG They have their own wordpress account which contains more photographs of their inspirations and products, combining fashion with home decor have never looked so good. Follow them on their instagram account, @sealoeshop, one of my favorite Instagram account ever… Considering how reasonable their prices are, it’s a miracle that I’m not buying everything they sell.

-love K.

Images: Pinterest,, there are more of these amazing photos on their blog and instagram.

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