Melbourne’s Event: The Design File’s Open House

I have a full weekend to myself and decided what better way to spend two days off than going to events that include home decor and crafty creations! So spend Saturday afternoon at The Design File’s Open House. Happiness and inspirations overload…IMG_0985-1.JPGIMG_0984.JPGIMG_0980.JPGIMG_0982.JPGIMG_0981.JPGIMG_0977.JPGIMG_0987.JPGIMG_0978.JPGIMG_0979.JPG The event was so well organised, even with the huge number of people streamed into the space. I wasn’t claustrophobic and able to move around easily. The space was light and filled with well curated pieces, I especially loved the master bedroom’s side table (third photo) and the shades of blue wooden bowl (fifth photo), well they’re all good pieces actually. They picked the best location, as it was easily accessible by public transport and plenty of street parking spaces.

-love K.

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