Melbourne’s Event: The Big Design Market

IMG_1039.JPGLast Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending time walking endlessly around Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building for a whole afternoon of arts & crafts. It was a rainy Sunday so I don’t mind staying indoor. The Big Design Market is a vast and fun place to be if you love kitsch items, assorted knick knacks and beautiful handmade products. IMG_1037.JPGIMG_1036.JPG Here are some things I found fascinating…IMG_1033.JPGIMG_1035.JPGIMG_1038.JPG My favourite is a stall by Angus & CelesteIMG_1029.JPGIMG_1030.JPGIMG_1031.JPGIMG_1027.JPG Oh! I found my dream bike!! Perfect colour and look at the white basket, my happiness…IMG_1028.JPG I think anything that supports local craftsmanship is a plus for me so this event was too good to miss ever again.

-love K.

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