Day 1: Goodbye Melbourne, Hello Jakarta…

Saying goodbye to cold, cloudy Melbourne morning is so hard to do…

But this breakfast from Cafe Vue at the airport make the 6am start slightly better…

Once I’m at the gate, I can not contain my excitement about flying back to Jakarta. My birth place, the place where I live out the first 13 years of my life…

And I can’t think of a better welcome than my parents at the airport, with a box of sweet and savoury Indonesian snacks…

And you know your parents love you and know you so well when they take you to your favourite childhood noodle restaurant. The restaurant is called, Bakmi GM, Bakmi means noodles and GM stands for Gajah Mada, which is the area in Jakarta where they build their original restaurant.

IMG_1730 Bakmi Special GM, GM special noodle, traditional egg noodles with chicken and mushrooms

IMG_1731 Fried Wonton with sweet and sour sauce, I am so amaze how consistent this restaurant is with their flavours. These fried wontons might not look like much but the flavours are still as good as I remembered them to be.

I have to admit that my love for this restaurant probably base on the good memories I associated with it. But the noodles are still delicious.

Do you have any favourite childhood food or places to eat that you have not been to in a while?

-love K.

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