Food// Jakarta: My Taste of Home

This trip turns out to be a food fest, as I have anticipated off course. I have kind of a foodie hit list of restaurants and foods I have to have before I go back home to Melbourne. The list is pretty substantial which worries me, obviously I can only have so much. However, I’m determined!

On the somewhat top of my list is a small, unassuming restaurant in South of Jakarta, in a cluster of unassuming buildings called Grand Wijaya, which is located next to the better known local mall, Dharmawangsa Square. This, everyone is Kenanga restaurant…



And their specialties are…

Top-Bottom: Tofu Fishball Soup, Pork Satay, Noodle Soup with Beef Intestine
I’m there for the noodle soup, you can opt out the intestinal parts if you wish, and their pork satay which are to die for!

Top-Bottom: Nasi Campur, literally means mixed rice, Tofu Fishball Soup (again, more zoomed in this time)

Nasi Campur, mixed rice is basically jasmine rice with all kinds if meat cuts mixed and laid out on top of it. My dad’s personal favourite and it is indeed filling!
I grew up having these dishes for lunch or dinner or even breakfast, and it cost around $20 for the four of us.

So if you ever in Jakarta, from wherever you are, grab a taxi, Blue Bird or Silver Bird are the only ones I would personally use around town. And asked to be dropped at Kenanga Restaurant at Grand Wijaya, across from Dharmawangsa Square.

Any local places or foods you would like me to cover while I’m Indonesia? Or if you have any questions about what to do and where to go in Jakarta, leave a comment below…

-love K.

2 thoughts on “Food// Jakarta: My Taste of Home

  1. Fellexandro Ruby

    Hi Karina,

    Found your blog from your friend Amanda. You got good taste there. Kenanga is one of my fav pork-binging place too. haha. Anw, I blog about food & travel too at πŸ˜‰ Would love to hear your two cents.


    1. karinamandala Post author

      Hey! Amazing blog you’ve got there! Will follow your foodie journey from now on! Thanks for the lovely comment btw, i’m just a food lover rediscovering jakarta all over again. Your blog will be an awesome guide for sure 😊😊



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