Food// Food-photolog: A Familiar Taste of Home

I’m finally back in Jakarta after a whirlwind three days trip to my dad’s hometown. Central Java where my dad’s from, is a serious foodie place. My dad is a serious foodie, apples don’t fall far from the tree. Anyway, we went to his hometown, Semarang and did a quick road trip to Yogyakarta and Solo. Here are a quick photo-log, food summaries let say of everything we ate…

Nasi Goreng Babat “Pak Karmin” – Fried Rice with beef stomach, bizzare but delicious

Nasi Ayam “Ibu Wido” – Traditional Chicken Rice

Sate Sapi dan Lontong “Pak Kempleng” -Beef Satay and Rice Cakes

Nasi Gudeg “Bu Djuminten” – Rice with Stewed Jackfruit

Nasi Bakmoy – Chicken with Tofu Soup on Rice

Soto Ayam “Gading” – Traditional Javanese Chicken Yellow Soup on Rice

Nasi Timlo Solo – Traditional Clear Chicken Broth with condiments on Rice

Wedang Ronde – Glutenous Balls Peanut Fillings in Sweet Ginger Broth

Getuk Magelang “Trio” – Getuk is a sweet cassava glutenous cakes

Tahu Petis – Tofu with Petis Sauce fillings, Petis sauce is made from shrimp paste

Wow! That’s a lot of food for 3 days trip! Will definitely post more photos of my travel to the beautiful Central Java soon…

-love K.

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