Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Once upon a time, a prince from the next door kingdom fell in love with a beautiful princess named, Roro Jonggrang. Since the prince killed her father, there’s no way Roro Jonggrang will ever say yes to a marriage proposal. But the prince was determined, so Roro Jonggrang finally gave in, under one condition…

“Build me thousand temples in one night before the sun rise…”ย 

Calling upon all his other world friends, the prince’s genies start working on building these temples…

The Prince’s other worldy army finished the 999th temples. Fearing the possibility of marrying her father’s murderer, Rara Jonggrang awaken her whole kingdom. She tells the women in the village to start pounding the rice and light fires on the east side. Fearing the sunlights, all the genies flew and didn’t finish the last temple…

When the prince find out about the princess’ trickery, he gets so angry he cursed her. He turned her into stone, making her the 1000th temple…

This statue of Hindu goddess Durgaย is believed to be the princess Roro Jonggrang herself…

That was the legend of Prambanan Temple according to the traditional Javanese legend. The temple and surrounding areas are so beautiful, it feels like the perfect backdrop for a fairy tale. Be it quite the grimm tale.

-love K.

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