Prahran Market… A Surprising Treat

Prahran Market 

163 Commercial Road, South Yarra VIC 3141

Check out their website here

Prahran Market is not exactly my local, South Melbourne Market is a lot closer to me. Normally, I wouldn’t go that far but one Greek food festival is enough to convert me. It wasn’t a big fancy festival, but what a wonderful surprise…


Look at all these colours! And I stumble upon these beautiful tea. It is tea with actual flowers! 

And the food…


Mussels with red wine, chilli, tomatoes and parsley sauce

Doughnut Balls with Nutella

Although the Greek Food Festival is not every weekend thing, but the good food are of plenty. Head down to Prahran Market when you are visiting Melbourne, it is unique and wonderful.

-love K.


2 thoughts on “Prahran Market… A Surprising Treat

  1. Stefanie

    Hi K- thanks for the lovely words- and we’re so glad you enjoyed yourself! Is thereany chance you could please link to the Prahran Market website for those of your viewers who would like more information on us?

    Thank you in advance- we’ll be sharing this blog via twitter sometime today.



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