Hako Japanese Restaurant and Bar, Flinders Lane 

Hako Japanese Restaurant and Bar

310 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

(03) 9620 1881

Few nights ago, I planned to meet up with one of my childhood friend whom I haven’t seen in such a long time. On some level, we understood that we need a place that we can catch up properly over good food. I’m guessing we’ve been friends for that long, she picks this never-heard-before restaurant on Flinders Lane. Firstly, the location is central and so easy to get to. Secondly, it has such a wonderful atmosphere, soft ambiance music and simple decor. Now the twist is this restaurant serves shared dishes therefore making it a Japanese Tapas! What a great concept right? 

Sashimi (16 pieces), they also serve smaller portion with 9 pieces. The fishes were all fresh and what a great presentation with all the flower petals


Pan Fried Pork & Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza) 6 pieces, I’m a big fan of Gyoza and this one is no exception. I would love for the dumpling skin to be a little bit more crispy. But great flavour overall


Barbecued Pork Belly & Cucumber Mayo served on Japanese bun 2 pieces, the white plate wasn’t how these buns were served to us. We were so excited to try this dish that we moved them to our plates before I remembered taking a proper photos of them, so apologies. The buns were soft and there’s the fresh flavours from the cucumber mayo. The pork belly were seasoned nicely to complement the mayo


Beef Eyefillet Tataki, firstly, beef tataki is a typical raw beef dish served with a vinegary soy sauce in many Japanese restaurant, so not a surprise when this dish was available on their menu. But the combination of raw beef pieces, cucumber strings and nashi pear on top made this dish awesome. I personally would love a bit more vinegar kick on the salad though


Cuttlefish Tempura in Squid Ink Batter with Green Tea Salt, How fantastic does this dish sound?!? Which is exactly why we ordered them and hands down, my favourite dish of the night. Yes they are gnarly looking dish but trust me, they are super crunchy Tempura and so delicious. When the Tempura cuttlefish is dipped on the green tea salt, the flavour is unique and just fantastic


Black Sesame Seed Mousse with Vanilla Bean Sauce, beautiful presentation and such deliciois flavours. I love the speckle of vanilla beans mixed through the creamy sauce. The black sesame seed mousse is well set and melts in your mouth


Green Tea Ice Cream, I’m a big fan of Matcha everything and this ice cream is so creamy. The matcha powder sprinkled on top perfectly balanced out the sweetness of the ice cream

The waiting staff are so lovely, one of them did speed through all the specials we actually asked him to slow down. But overall good service and great food. Will definitely come back for another round. It is a little pricey but the food makes up for it. They also have an Omakase (chef’s degustation) menu which cost $80 per person, which I’m interested to try next time. 


This place, because of the ambiance, is such a good date place too, hint, hint. So Melbournian if you do try Hako let me know on the comments below 😊

-love K.

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