D.O.C. Pizza And Mozzarella Bar

D.O.C. Pizza and Mozzarella Bar
295 Drummond Street, Carlton

(03) 9347 2998

If anyone asked, what’s your favourite restaurant in Melbourne? My answer will be, so far, D.O.C. Pizza in Carlton. I am happy to go back over and over. I think they made such delicious pizza and all the cured meat/cheese combo your heart desires. 


Here comes the food…

Salumi Board, includes 4 types of cured meats, I can have this all day, every day! 


Caprese Insalata, tomato salad with buffalo mozzarella, so fresh and healthy


Pizza San Daniele, a simple tomato base, prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella, best pizza hands down! 

And for the sweet tooth… 


Tiramisu, a classic done absolutely right, perfection

Carlton main foodie precinct, Lygon Street, are lined with plenty restaurants, especially Italian cuisine. It’s little Italy! D.O.C. offers a simple, classic Italian taste in Melbourne. They have expanded to an espresso place and a deli around the Carlton area. But I always find myself coming back to the Drummond Street location cause of their pizza.

If you’ve been to Melbourne, have you try D.O.C Pizza? Leave comments below and tell me what you think of them…

-love K. 

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