Fukuro Dining and Sake Bar, Jakarta

I’ve been wanting to write about this place for ages. This is technically a throwback/foodie review on one of my newly found favourite restaurant in my hometown, Jakarta. Let me introduce you to,

Fukuro Dining and Sake Bar

Fairground – SCBD 

Jl. Jend.Sudirman Kav. 52-53 LOT 14 

Jakarta – Indonesia



Images: Fukuro Instagram

The interior is so well thought out, kitsch Asian/Japanese little knick knacks. From cushions, wallpaper to the wall lined with Be@rbrick. It’s quite the sight, and the food certainly compliments the sophistications of the decor…



You can’t tell me this presentation is not impressive, this is the only way any Japanese restaurant should display their sushi/sashimi dishes, step by step


Perhaps the most inventive and delicious way to combine Indonesian and Japanese cuisines yet. Indonesian loves their sweet, cold dessert/drinks, it’s in our blood. This is essentially a traditional snow ice or es serut, given a Japanese twist by giving it the Matcha (green tea) flavour. And off course the sweet red bean and mochi (glutenous rice cake) which are familiar for all Japanese taste buds



It is so hard to pick out a favourite from such a wonderful array of food. It is definitely an experience to be in a dimly lighted dining room, with intimate setting and super kitsch Japanese decor. The hospitality of the hostand the waiting staffs are something to be applauded, they are all exceptional. This place is pricey if you compare it with general dining places around town, but I assure you it’s worth paying extra.

So next time any of you happened to be in Jakarta, and you are traveling comfortably, check out this dining den. Absolute treasure in the heart of Jakarta’s buzzing Senayan Central Business District (SCBD). 

-love K. 

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