Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne 

 Bowery to Williamsburg 

Downtown, 16 Oliver Lane, Melbourne

Midtown, 123 Hardware Street, Melbourne

Images: Check out their instagram @bowery2williamsburg

They’re no new comer in Melbourne’s foodie scene. Recently, they placed themselves in their Midtown location, so we went down to check it out. Always been a fan of their awesome food and their commitment to place one Hershey’s chocolate on everyone’s cuppa! 

What we had Downtown…



Peanut butter hot chocolate… So much Yes!!


What we had Midtown the other day…




So this last picture is their daily special of, Confit Duck Leg with sausage and pork belly cassoulet on leek and parsley puree with a posched egg. Meaning, not part of their everyday menu so check their Specials board. 

If you can only order one thing, why would you though, and you’re pressed for time, happened to be super hungry, the Reuben is a must-try. Layers of beef pastrami is enough to tempt me and the size is massive! Don’t say i didn’t warn you… (Quoting Taylor Swift?!? Definitely too early in the morning to do blogposts…)

Brunch must-try is their Lox and Potato Latkes, the cured salmon is amazing! 

Whether you’re trying their Downtown or Midtown location, be rest assured, the food will be amazing, coffee will be on point with a Hershey’s Kisses on your spoon. 

-love K. 

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