Beauty// From Cleansing Gel to Favorite Swipeys


I am on the quest to find my skincare holy grail. Products that works for my skin, whatever the cost. These three items came to me highly recommended, so I was super excited to try and here are my reviews…

Nude Skincare Perfect Cleanse Omega Cleansing Jelly. $54 from Mecca Cosmetics 


I use this baby as my morning cleanse. You apply the jelly cleanser to dry face and massage your face for a bit. Put water on your face and voila! The jelly turns into milk, massage your face for a bit and then rinse it off. 

What do I think?

At first I thought, hmmm… Weird, I don’t think it cleanses my face properly as I don’t feel that clean feeling. But then I remember my fave Caroline Hiron talks about that clean feeling isn’t always a good thing. As I have quite the dehydrated oily skin, that clean feeling, is probably my cleanser stripping my natural oil off. So I stick to this cleanser and changed my mindset about the feels. After a few weeks of use, I can see the results. Because this cleanser doesn’t strip my oil in the morning, face looks so much better and less shiny throughout the day. 

Go-To Skincare Exfoliating Swipeys. $45.95 from Go-To


Contains 50 single use exfoliating wipes soaked in natural occuring AHA’s and hydrating essential oils. They recommend 2-3 times a week use. After you cleanse your face at night, take a wipe and rub all over your face and neck, make sure to AVOID under the eyes area. Leave it for a minute then rinse off with water. Gentle exfoliant that will remove dead skins and improves your skin in general

What do I think?

I use this swipeys once a week, because I have serums and toner that are also exfoliating. Made a schedule to spread the love between my exfoliants here, you see. I love the smell of this product, as soon as you swipe them on, you can feel the tingling. I leave it on until the tingles went away before rinse. The morning after use, I can see my skin feels and looks better. It is so well priced at $45.95 and for those familiar with Dr. Gross Alpha-Beta Peel Swipeys that costs around the $100 mark, this Go-To Swipeys is a good, more affordable option. 

Sunday Riley Artemis. $105 from Mecca Cosmetics


At night after a complete cleanse, massage few drops (5-7) or as needed to face and neck. You can use it on its own after a deep exfoliation or under your moisturizer

What do I think?

Let me start with this, the smell of this product have bothered some people. I personally don’t mind the strong lemony fragrant to this oil. So this baby promise to balance complexion while clarify, tone and detox your skin for a clean and healthy glow from within. That’s a big ask! I use this once a week after a deep exfoliation, just to make sure the oil really sinks into my skin. This oil is good for my troubled skin, but investing on $105 I know is not for everyone. Definite luxury skincare line if you have the cash to spend. If you’re willing to spend the cash, I personally will recommend Sunday Riley Good Genes. It is such an amazing serum.

-love K. 

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