Beauty// Palermo, a Byredo Perfums


The minimalist design, the high quality raw ingredients, with limited number of signature scents have gathered Byredo Parfums a cult following. 

After reading about their brands on Cereal magazine, my curiosity got to me. So off I go to Mecca at Avoca and bury my nose in these amazing scents. Believe me, to choose one is probably the hardest task. They have created such unique blend! 

I was torn between Palermo, Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost. I decided to go home with Palermo. 

Palermo is an homage to the citrus trees of Palermo, Sicily that grows amongst rose bushes. Hence this perfume is a mix of fresh citrus scent and the subtle musk of roses. 

I’ve been wearing this everyday since. The scent reminds me of hot summer days… 

Byredo Parfums available from Mecca Cosmetica, depending on size $128 – $229

-love K. 

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