An Obsession with Marble

Anyone else share this obsession??? I am so obsessed with marble. I grew up in a house with marble flooring and I always think the veins made each slabs so unique. Here are marble things I find… 


Country Road Marble Clock
The Luxuriate Marble Candle Collection

You choose your marble container, the fragrance of the candle and the lid! Customised and delivered to you! Oh my god! You can re-use thr container afterwards for whatver you want! 

West Elm Marble Tray, in a long and square shaped
Fenton & Fenton Marble Tray
Salt&Pepper Marble Mug , via Myer

H&M Marble Plate
  H&M Mini Plate

I guess I know what I’ll be doing this weekend, ️how wonderfully relaxing. 

-love K. 
Images: Online Stores’ own stock photos, Pinterest

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