Beauty// SK II Facial Treatment Essence

SK II is definitely one of the brand that I’ve been wanting to try but a little too sceptical to actually buy one. Few years ago, when I first heard about this, it was a little pricey especially for a university student who struggles with buying food in the first place. 

Fast forward to few months ago, I met up with the amazing beauty/skincare/lifestyle blogger, Simon, check out his amazing blog The Skincare Obsessive. He raved about the SKII Facial Treatment Essence and their facial mask, since I trust his world of knowledge, I browse David Jones for a possible introductory pack. Good thing it was close to Mother’s Day and I was able to find this,


And this pack includes,


SK II Facial Treatment Essence, SK II Facial Treatment Mask and SK II Facial Treatment Clean Lotion, AUD $99 from David Jones

I used the Facial Treatment Mask and I was gobsmacked at how quickly this stuff works! The consistency of the essence is quite thick, like a Nickelodeon slime to be honest. But I put them on my face at night, left it on overnight. The next morning, my skin looks fresh and the mask managed to calm few inflamed hormonal acne on my jawline. The pack of 6 masks in David Jones is AUD$140.00, will repurchase when I remember to do so next time. 


Now this, if this run out, as I type this, I am on half a bottle left, I will run to the store and immediately grab myself a new bottle. I am tempted to get one now just in case. 

So much has been written about the SK II Facial Treatment Essence (AUD$100 for 75ml), whether its good or bad review, personally if you have the money to purchase I recommend anyone to give it a go. 

After using them for few months, I can see the difference on my skin. A more even skintone, brighter complexion and general improvement of my pigmentation. I will definitely continue my use of this essence, the longer I use them, the better my skin looks and feels.

Have anyone else try this SKII Essence? Or any other ones that have worked wonders? Do let me know below 😊

-love K. 

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