Quirky Living Room, an Inspiration 

Have you ever wondered how the creatives decorate their homes? I do, all the time! Perhaps I’m a tiny bit nosey. I would like to think I’m a curious soul who loves to be inspired by everyday people. That sounds much better… 

I enjoy browsing through many interior/home decor blogs, one of my favourite is Decor8 Blog. In one of their post, they went inside another blogger, Marlous Snijder‘s home. This living room is an absolute inspirations,

Punchy yellow cabinets anchored the whole room, giving it a certain whimsical sunshine aura to the room. There are many colours and prints within this room, however everything just falls into place and works. 


The colourfully printed cushions are such a good idea to lift a neutral sofas. You can sense the fun and quirky family that lived within the walls of this inspired living room. Definite goal! If you want to see the rest of her house, click here and take a peek. 

-love K. 

Images: Decor8 Blog  

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