Beauty// Lash Lift 

Brow Theory

The Strand Melbourne (via the Emporium)

250 Elizabeth Street

03 9663 2104

Instagram: @browtheory

They also have two other locations around Melbourne so, check out their website for more details. 

 Image: Emporium Brow Theory from Brow Theory website

I have been going to the ladies of Brow Theory for my eyebrows since forever. It started when they were still a counter at Miss Fox Melbourne. Always loved them and they always do such wonderful job of shaping my brows. 

So excited when they finally have their own city branch at The Strand, cause it is so close to where I work! Love the ladies there, always so bubbly, lovely and helpful. Anyway, I don’t know why I haven’t write about them sooner, but Go Go Go ladies of Melbourne… 

Anyway, recently, they offered a new service, a lash lift. Excuse me, what does that mean? My lashes will be curled without mascara for 6-8 weeks? I can’t even… No way… And the scepticism continues… 

Since I’m super curious, booked myself an appointment and here is the result,


I’m so excited that people can see my lashes even without mascara to help curl them! I am so happy with the result, my lashes are tough, cause I don’t have a lot of it. But every morning, I wake up and my lashes are staring back at me! Woop woop! My lashes with mascara are seriously off the chart awesome nowadays. I know, it’s vanity but sue me, they really look so good!!!  

 Only using my mascara, no fake lashes involved… Lovin’ the result!

So, what do you need to know? The process will take 40 minutes of your time and the whole time the ladies will tend to your lashes need. You sit, relax and try not to fall asleep on the chair, as it is so easy to do since you’re required to close your eyes the whole time. No oil on those lashes for the next 24 hours afterward, easy done! 

The price? They’re doing an introductory offer of $80, so hurry down and get yours done today 🙂

-love K. 

Thank you to the lovely Bridget and Indu these awesome lashes, and off course, thanks to all Brow Theory team for awesome brows everytime 😊💕


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