Tipo 00, Lt. Bourke Street

Tipo 00 Pasta Bar

361 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne 

(03) 9942 3946

It is always a pleasure when you can take your lovely family member to a really good restaurant with that typical Melbourne vibe. When she said she wants pasta, I decided to take her to a place that I have heard so much good thing about… 

The best feeling is when this place do not disappoint 🙂 Here it is…

The best complimentary bread ever… 

This is such a brilliant entree, scallops with prosciutto and truffle. Simple ingredients, huge flavours
Spaghetti with clams, love love love 

Risotto with Morton Bay Bug 

This Tiramisu is to die for… And they poured the chocolate infront of you, amazing!

This place is intimate and unassuming but they served great food with great hospitality. This has been my go to Italian restaurant ever since, and whenever I have a craving for pasta, this is my fix.

-love K. 

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