The Rule Breakers

What do you give a momma-to-be who will most likely own everything and will be given anything?!? Well, let me introduce you to The Rule Breakers, a Melbourne based Baby Milestones Cards brand. Designed and created in Melbourne by the amazing Carmel Membery

Online shop: The Rule Breakers on

Instagram: @the_rule_breakers

Facebook: The Rule Breakers FB

  Recently, I asked the ever so lovely Carmel to share her story here…

“The Rule Breakers is a creative outlet of my lifestyle and loves. A space to link design, interiors, family and fashion. At this stage it’s fun and something for me (to do) while my children are babies,”   “The inspiration to create milestone cards came from simply identifying a gap in a niche market. I had a set for my first baby and was asked constantly where I bought them. The only thing was the design was just not my style. Snap…I had my lightbulb moment.”   

   Carmel is juggling motherhood with starting/running The Rule Breakers everyday, her secret…

“At the moment, I’m just rolling with the momentum… If I had an endless supply of sleep, I’d do it all. Balance is important. It’s a juggling act and I don’t always get it right. I find thinking strategically helps. Plan ahead with your social media posts and schedule them. Outsource what you’re not good at. It’s a detriment to a business to think you can do it all. Importantly work at the pace that’s best for you and your family,”  

   These cards are classic and you can use them for both gender, how did Carmel gets her inspirations?

“I have a Pinterest board for The Rule Breakers for visual inspiration and a few pages of ideas for Instagram/Facebook posts on notes in my phone, I’m yet to get through. Instagram is a fantastic hub for small businesses and creatives to collaborate. Most of my lifestyle inspiration comes from there. For the cards I take inspiration from fashion and interiors,”

I asked her if she experienced designer’s block, similar to that of a writer, luckily no but she is encountering the “not enough time in a day” block. But that doesn’t stop her from powering through with more future plans,

“Additional to our Baby Milestone Cards, we have just launched our Pregnancy Set. This set of 20 cards is designed to celebrate the growing bump each month and special moments along the way like babies first outfit and first kicks. I’ve selected on trend layers such as marble, geometric shapes and grids, paired back with blush & mint coming together to make a fun and feminine gift for an expectant mumma,”

    “I have ideas for 2 more sets of Milestone cards and limited edition sets that I’d like to do as collaborations with other great creatives.”  

 And speaking of creatives, here are her quick tips for anyone who wants to be their own boss,

“The advice I would give other creatives that are unsure where to start… Just keep your hands busy and your eyes open. Do what you can to stay inspired in what you love. Always have that conversation with yourself and others on where you see yourself. You’ll end up stumbling onto a path that feels like it’s leading somewhere and doors are opening. Sounds cliche but if you do nothing, then nothing will come from it”

I want to thank Carmel for being so awesome and lovely. Thank you for taking the time in your busy day to answer all my nosey questions 🙂 She is so inspiring and super positive. If you want one of her amazing The Rule Breakers baby milestones or pregnancy cards, visit the online store and show some love on her Instagram page. 

-love Karina. 

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