Beauty// L’Occitane en Provence Mini Haul

One of my favourite hand cream of all time is L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream. So curious when they released their new facial range, which includes cleansing oil, cleansing milk, gentle toner and face cream. I am giving the cleansing oil and gentle toner a go, so far though, I am loving these products.

  Cleansing Oil with Shea

So gentle, yet effective to remove makeup as your first cleanse. I still use my micellar water to take off heavy eye makeup, but this remove foundation/powder/concealer easily. Doesn’t leave oily residue on my skin which I love, apply to dry face, it’ll emulsify with a little water 

 Gentle Toner enriched with shea

I use this in my afternoon routine, it smells amazing and helps remove the left over dirt on my skin, especially after a long day of work Body & Hair Fabulous Oil 

The body & hair fabulous oil is so good! Instant gratification in every sense of the word, I used it on my hair and it made my hair smells amazing.

This range is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin, so far, I am loving these purchases.
-love Karina.

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