INKHA Stones

Few weeks ago, I was invited to an Melbourne Instagrammer meet up organised by The Collective Curators and meet the gorgeous Inaz from INKHA Stones.  


INKHA Stones necklaces are all hand-made by Inaz, each beads are so unique hence, each necklaces are uniquely yours.

“Every person have their own style and interest. This is my motivation to create the perfect piece for every individual” 

Inaz is so lovely and graciously said yes to share her stories of inspirations here…

“When I first created the necklaces, I drew inspirations from my favourite places and people. The earlier collections reflect the cities I have travelled to and the amazing people who had believed that I could get this business up and running. It was a small gesture to show how grateful I was. In fact I still drew inspirations from clothes I like, sceneries I take in, food I eat, everything!” 

(Above: My very own INKHA Stones necklaces)

Aside from INKHA Stones, Inaz has a full-time job and live an active lifestyle. As she’s telling me about her week, I am wondering to myself, when does she slot in time to create the individual beads for each necklaces?

She said, jokingly, “… in my sleep (laughs). INKHA actually began as a stress release for me. Working full-time, and often bringing work home, I realised I needed to take the time for myself and get back to my creative side. From a child I often sew, knit, paint or write in my free time”  


So whatever spare time she has after work, she devotes it to create, “I would dedicate a specific amount of time to cut, mould and bake the clay. Another day, I would design, string and photograph them. It was something new I could look forward to and it got me excited that people wanted more”

Like most creatives, Inaz has her own hurdle, “I can work for hours, playing with the beads, matching different colours and suddenly think, ‘Scrap that!’ or ‘Hmm… maybe these don’t look so good,’ I might questions the decision I make about the style or colours used. But fortunately, I can experiment and have the flexibility to start again if need be. Sometimes I create colour combinations that I wouldn’t wear myself but others love!”  


“The most important thing is to remember why you’re doing it and why you enjoy it, you always put aside time and effort to continue doing what you love. It becomes challenging to manage INKHA‘s page, responding to request and questions, and for the moment, I am still trying to find that perfect balance between it all. I am still a baby brand, trying to find its way in this big bad world but I have loved the results of opening my doors to social media”

The challenge for INKHA Stones is to stand out in a competitive market, as she pointed out that, polymer clay is a very forgiving medium and fantastic for beginners, hence there are many wonderful businesses that do similar thing to INKHA. But for Inaz it’s about staying true to the essence of the original brand, if the clients like what they get, they will continue to support and spread the word.  


What is the best advice she has ever been given, that keeps her motivated?

“As cliche as it might sound, is to do what makes you happy. Whatever it might be, in work, love and life. It might not come easy but you should know what makes you happy and strive for it”

And aligned with that advice, she shares a little seed of motivation for other creatives out there who is on the fence about starting your own venture,

“Have a go! What have you got to lose? A little bit of money, time and effort? Just start small and if the people respond well to what you do, why not? Listen to the ones you hold closely, they will be honest and be your best critiques. But at the end of it all, it just might be worth it…”

If you would like your very own INKHA Stones necklaces, check out the link below…

Facebook: Inkha Stones

Instagram: @inkhastones

Pssttt… Inaz lets me in on a little secret, apart from necklaces and jewelry trays, INKHA Stones will be releasing these gorgeous key chains soon! So follow her journey…  


Here’s a quick video of my INKHA Stones necklace in progress, 

I am so annoyed at myself for forgetting to take photo of Inaz, but hopefully you can see her on the video for two seconds πŸ˜‰

Sending my gratitudes to the wonderful Inaz, for letting me have a spare moment of her busy life, taking photos and ask her questions. Thank you for my wonderful necklace which I love 😍 

– love Karina.




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