Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen Bankara, Westfield Doncaster

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of tasting the delicious variety served by Ramen Bankara. Let me start with the most important details,

Ramen Bankara

Shop G047, 619 Doncaster Road,

Doncaster, VIC 3108

Westfield Doncaster Shopping Centre

Facebook: Ramen Bankara Australia

Instagram: @ramenbankara_au

  Agedashi Tofu

   Tonkotsu Ramen


  Bankara Ramen


  Chuka Soba

 Assorted Ice Cream (Green Tea, Black Sesame, Vanilla) and Lemon Sorbet

Honestly, it is so difficult to pick my favourite dish because all of them are just so delicious. I am so intrigued by Tsukumen, which seperate the cold noodle and the really hot broth, so you dip the noodle as you go. New concept of noodle eating, but absolutely delicious! 

Their signature Bankara Ramen is also really good, the soup is quite sweet from the pork broth. I can’t even… You must try these delicious ramen for yourself. 

**Thank you to the lovely and amazing Ramen Bankara team! Thank you for inviting me for an amazing meal! Everyone is so helpful and fully verse in the menu 🙂 

-love Karina.

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