Finders Keepers, Melbourne

How I love Finders Keepers! So many things to see and amazing creative people to meet 😊  

My first stop is Vei and Patrick from MiMa Workshop 😊 They’re super fun as always! And I got myself the largest Taba with top-hat that can hold a tea-light candle! I’m so excited! Can I just say, love their arcade display cabinet 😍



Cutest thing!!! I’m so excited!!! Can not wait to use it straight away 😊

Vei introduced me to this lovely maker, Yiying who makes all these fantastic clay trays and pots, 




Couldn’t resist the cuteness of her products, score myself a clay tray to keep my Taba company,


There are so many cool products! Best way to spend my Sunday 😊 Have a restful one, let’s prepare our mind and body for Monday 😊
-love Karina.  

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