Beauty// Fall for Lush

Been living in a country with super easy access to Lush, I have never ever been to one, until last week! It could be the pungent scents everytime I walked pass a store, but something stops me from going. Finally brave myself to go and the result is a resounding, Yaaaassss!!! 

I want to show you what I purchased, and got a bit excited I forgot to take a photo of two things I bought and use it straight away, oopp! They were,

Butterball Bath Bomb, oh my god! All the buttery, cocoa goodness in my bath! Love it! 

A French Kiss Bubble Bar, the scent of lavender, somebody take me to Provence this instant!! 

So RIP to those two dearly beloved! You have made my bath so much more, more than I thought possible… Moving on to others still waiting to be dropped into my bath, 

Honey Bee Bath Bomb, if I’m bathing in a real honey tub, this is probably what it will smell like. Absolutely amazing! Strong honey scent with a hint of cocoa 

 Sakura Bath Bomb, if you can imagine the freshest, most citrusy scent, than you can imagine what this bath bomb smells like. This is the ultimate spring bath bomb 😊

Space Girl Bath Bomb, looks like a space ship or a planet and smells like citrus hit! I realized all bombs I picked out have a citrus note, I suppose it is spring. All I want is a fresh bath, slightly excited by the possibility of popping candy explosion in my bath…

 Brightside Bubble Bar, just a small amount of this will give the biggest bubble!!! The French Kiss did make many bubbles, so excited about this one too… 

I made one purchase that did not include a bath, 

No Drought Dry Shampoo, this is so good! Makes your hair smells super fresh! Need this throughout summer, as my hair tend to go super flat in hot weather

I am super excited the rest of my Lush haul, do you have a favourite from Lush?!? Let me know, leave comments below… 
-love Karina. 

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