Red Hill Road & co.

This week, let me introduce you to the gorgeous Emma from Red Hill Road & co. The first time I know of Red Hill Road & co. was through Instagram. I admired her polymer clay and wooden beads necklaces, but also notice the charitable aspect of her brand, which makes me more than happy to purchase my very own necklace. 

 Here’s Emma and the story behind the label, Red Hill Road & co. 

“My motivation (behind creating the brand) was firstly, a creative platform to produce affordable handmade jewellery in line with the latest fashion trends. Secondly, I created the label to give back to the community via donations. The name, Red Hill Road, was the first street I lived on in Wagga Wagga, NSW.”

“My inspiration comes from fashion and creating styles that complement and highlight features of an outfit. I’m a bit of a matchy matchy girl so the appeal of being able to create a necklace to match every outfit is a dream and a challenge for me,”

Being a creative maker, Emma finds it very rewarding although without its own challenges,

“The positives are creating a product to allow others to solve a wardrobe prolem and the buzz of someone wearing something you have created. The challenges? Not enough hours in the day! I am working on finding the balance, as well as trying to put my phone down….such a time waster!!!! I work part time for a large retail organisation as a Marketing Analyst. I love my job but my passion is for the artisan handmade,”

Being a true creative, here’s her tip on staying in the creative headspace,

“I get designers block all the time….when I do I take a walk out in nature to clear my head, flowers feature often in my photos because of this. I also scour homeware mags and Pinterest for colour themes that look great together.”

 Here are the all important details, 
Online Shop: Red Hill Rd

Facebook: Red Hill Road and co.

Instagram: @red_hill_road

5% of all profits donated to Australian Alopecia Foundation,

“I support the Australian Aerata Alopecia Foundation. My son Angus has alopecia totalis. The foundation have supported our family with advice and education”

Emma‘s advice for all of creatives out there, 

“Stay true to yourself and what you stand for. Start out with something small and tangible that you can grow organically. People love seeing your journey and feel a connection to you if you are honest along the way.”

Here is the beautiful necklace, Emma so kindly custom made for me. It is a mix of clay and wooden beads, all neutral colours, which is so very me. It is my staple summer necklace, cause I wear a lot of white in hotter season, not sure why, hmmm…

Give her Insta love and check out her page, when you’re there, get some beautiful accessories and help Red Hill Road & co. raise donations for Australian Alopecia Foundation. Click HERE to learn more about the foundation. 
Thank you to the beautiful Emma for taking the time in her busy life, answering my questions! 

-love Karina.

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