Beauty// Dior Airflash

Dior Airflash Spray Foundation, $84 from David Jones

Did somebody say Spray Foundation? It must be slightly gimmicky and perhaps ridicolous, I have to give it a whirl! Yes, it is pricey and probably unnecessary but for my own curiosity and your amusement… Is it revolutionary? Absolutely! Is it good? 



  •  I love how easy it is to put them on. You spray twice in a Z-motion on your face, then blend it out with your beauty blender. If you’re in a super hurry, this is probably the get-up and go foundation
  • It gives you an amazing airbrushed finish. You know how photoshop helps you smooth out all bumps on your photos, this foundation pretty much do that for your skin in real time


  • Need to cover hair when you spray, or else you will get whote streaks all over your hair, not a good look
  • They are pricey, no doubt! 
  • Very light coverage, which you can build on, but you end up spraying multiple times and feel like you’re wasting product

In my opinion, I have to get used to the idea of spraying on my foundation. It is pricey but I still have a full can after few weeks of using them all day, so they do lasts a while. It’s a good no-full makeup day foundation, but I’ll see how I feel once the bottle is done. I have a sneaky suspicion I might try Dior‘s Nude Air Foundation next 😊

Will you try it for yourself? 

-love Karina.

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