TONKA Restaurant

TONKA Restaurant

20 Duckboard Place, Melbourne 3000

(03) 9650 3155

  The best typical Melbourne kind of night should start with no plan. You know you’re hungry, you definitely need a drink after a long work day… So you walk along the city laneways, kind of aimlessly at first. Suddenly, you stumble upon a lane with a massive neon sign that said, TONKA. Like most curious Melbournian, my suggestion will be to go and seek it out cause you might find a delightful surprise behind the glass door…   Wonderful Belini to remind me of Venice… 

 Cured Kingfish with the lightest, flavourful yoghurt sauce…

  An amazing minty flavoured chickpeas salad, with crunchy panipuri…

 Vegetarian Curry, that egg… My goodness! 

They have great small dishes to share, great Indian inspired flavours and friendly wait staffers. Great decor and ambiance, this place is a tiny reminder, in a big way, of why you should be absolutely grateful to have the opportunity to be living in one of the world’s most liveable city…
They do get busy, so book ahead or you can always sit at the bar area, which is just as good 🙂
-love Karina. 

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