Avocado Toast, recipe ideas


 I am obsessed with avocado toast, or as us Aussie called it, avo toast! Been trying out few different avo toast variations, here are some of my favourites, 

 The ultimate! Classic Smashed Avo toast with sea salt and chilly flakes! Super quick and easy!  


Smashed Avo Toast with soft cheese, my favourites are ricotta or goat’s cheese. The cheese gives such a velvety finish to the smooth avocado texture… Yummo!


 Smashed Avo Toast with Eggs, scrambled, poached or sunny side up! Super yumm! Quick to prepare for a speedy healthy breakfast…



Smashed Avo Toast with tomatoes and cheese combo, super delicious with soft cheeses such as ricotta. This combination can also be a delicious starter, use cherry tomatoes, bocconcini, basil and drizzle of balsamic vinegar… Voila! Caprese Avo Toast! 
There are a few other combinations that you can do, some includes strawberries or peaches. I haven’t tried these combo yet but excited to test it out! 

-love Karina.

Images via Pinterest.


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