Packing for a Week Getaway

Posted this flatlay of my packed carry-on few days ago on my Instagram, and thought it’ll be fun to share what I bring on my week getaway 🙂 Can you tell that I’m way too excited about this trip… 


Since I’m traveling on budget airline, they don’t give you a check on allowance for luggage, you pretty much have to buy all the luxury basic normal airlines provided. Hence packing a check in luggage is an art form…

Loving these Uniqlo Ines De La Fressange’s shirts, they’re basic for any women’s wardrobe and so affordable. Plain tshirts are always a staple considering the warm tropical weather I’m about to face and lastly, my go-to plane outfit of jeans and stripe to,  
Jeans to wear on plane. Shorts, to survive hunid weather and a dressy pants for unexpected occasions. Love traveling with my Adidas, but let’s be real, in hot tropics you’ll thank whoeever invented ballet flats and sandals, 


Denim dress, stripe dress or general shirt dress are my go-to humid outfit. Always bring over the shoulder bag for the plane, a good sized that fits everything is always a good idea, and pack a clutch if you suspects a possible girls night out,

My basic skincare essentials, 


And the very minimum makeup tools possible, I don’t wear too much makeup on holiday, only basics neutral look. But red lipstick is a staple, it brights up your look especially after a long haul flight…

The tricks to fit them all,

  • Buy a travel liquid containers! You don’t need a full size facial washes and serums for a week’s trip, so investing in clear plastic bottles will save your life
  • Roll your clothes, not a new idea for sure, but rolling saves so much space
  • Stuff underwear into empty space, e.g. your clutch, that way you are maximising your cabin luggage space
  • Save samples given by makeup stores. Yes, if you buy products at any beauty counter, they tend to overload you with samples. Be sure to ask for useful samples that you can use while traveling
  • Be ruthless!!! Let’s be real, we’re not doing a fashion show while we’re traveling, unless off course you happened to be a fashion blogger. Cut down to apparel you can mix&match and will actually wear

Enjoy your flight and holiday, avoid all the waiting on the baggage carousel and definitely not paying anymore than your amazingly affordable budget air tickets! 
-love Karina.

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