Justin Art House Museum, Melbourne

Justin Art House Museum

3 Lumley Court, Prahran, Victoria, Australia



Imagine waking up one day from your sleep and you decide to open your house to the public as a museum for arts. Well… that’s exactly what Charles and Leah Justin did, with the creation of Justin Art House Museum (JAHM). Few days ago, I had the pleasure of exploring and sharing their passion and dream for arts with a visit to JAHM.

(Images above: Two of my personal favourites currently on display)

The physical building of JAHM is breathtaking when you first saw it, perhaps it was so unexpected to see such modern architecture in between the traditional Victorian houses. But what a wonderful juxtaposition of architecture and how appropriate for what the museum’s trying to represent.

(Image: Charles Justin explaining one of the art work)

The best thing about the tour is when Charles and Leah Justin talked about their collections. Their passions for what they do shines through every words and that’s what draws you into their world. As a visitor, you are entering the private sanctuary of two art enthusiasts and they’re enabling you to see how artworks’ displayed in real home. The art works displayed, both in the main gallery and their private apartment, are conversation starters. These conversations are encouraged by the Justins, which is refreshing for visitors. Like Leah said, “No right or wrong answers, but Charles preferred some answers more than others.”

Sorry for the lack of photographs but there are so much to take in, that I didn’t want to spoil the fun with snapping pictures. If you happened to be in Melbourne, Australia, I encouraged you to make your way to JAHM, it is well worth the trip. Make sure you check out their website for exhibitions and opening hours. Both Charles and Leah Justin run every visit themselves, therefore it is important to see the hours.

– K.

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