Tatcha, The Essence

“May enduring beauty and the wisdom of centuries now be yours.” – Tatcha

Tatcha Institutes formulated The Essence to help plump the skin with hydration and maximize the performance of any treatments that follow, according to its founder Victoria Tsai.

First Impression… The Essence has similar texture to SKII‘s Facial Treatment Essence. What I love about this one is the fact that it does not have the strange scent that I personally not a huge fan of in SKII.

How I’ve been using The Essence… I’ve recently discovered the Korean beauty method of layering your toner or essence. The method supposedly suggest to layer minimum of SEVEN times! Ok… firstly, ain’t nobody got time for that! Second, this baby is precious and has a precious price tag attached to it as well. So I still layer them, three times instead of the suggested seven, and use it in my night-time routine. Keep in mind, Tatcha suggest to place Essence on palm and press all over your face/neck ONCE, so yes… do that 🙂

After the two weeks of use… I am so impressed by Tatcha The Essence. I have tried SKII and its more affordable K-beauty counter-part, Missha First Treatment Essence. I personally love Tatcha The Essence the most. Personally, the no-scent scent is a positive indication for me that Tatcha do not add random fragrance into their products. My skin definitely loves The Essence. I experience no reaction to the products either, which is a positive sign. Tatcha The Essence really do plump my skin and hydrates it properly, which helps even out the balance of water and oil in my skin during the day.

Do I recommend my family and friends to try… I personally have recommended The Essence to few work friend and they have personally purchased and enjoy it so so much. I must say, I will encourage you to go and get Tatcha The Essence if you’re not a fan of SKII scent and wanting a more affordable alternative. Not exactly a ground breaking must-have product for a lot of people, however personally for me, Tatcha The Essence have been doing positive improvements to my skin, so I LOVE it!

-love K.

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