A New Beginning

The thing I love the most about life is every time the sun rise, it is a brand new day, which for me means a second chance to do over. And today is no different than any other day, is the day I decided to start over with my blog.

I’m not planning to go too crazy and re-start from zero with this blog, as I feel that I have worked hard for it to be what it is up to today. Basically, what I’m saying is I’m planning to commit more towards the maintaining of this blog and hopefully, will be able to grow this blog and take this space further into the world. Having said that, I want to also make sure that this blog has a focus that is still me. And I am so many things in one being, I enjoy different aspects of what life has to offer, which also means that I have to curate what interest me the most.

SO… content wise, I will focus on topics that I am truly passionate about and here are the breakdown:

  • Beauty – will include both make-up and skincare, but I do believe in maintaining healthy skin and using less make-up, so I might end up writing more about skincare. I don’t discriminate on skincare meaning, I will try anything from Department Stores brands all the way to Korean Beauty Brands. Along the way, I hope I can also share few knowledge I have gain working for a natural beauty and lifestyle brand
  • Art & Culture – will includes snapshot overview of exhibitions happening in and around Melbourne, but also (cross all our fingers people) will includes exhibition or galleries I visit in my travels
  • Food – as a foodie and a cook myself, I will be sharing brunch places around Melbourne as well as healthy recipes I whipped up in my kitchen every now and then
  • Life – will be about my life in Melbourne or when I travel. I will also include personal opinion posts on certain topics that might affect me at the time. All in all, this section of the blog will hopefully be a small corner for life lessons, shared experiences and spirituality

My commitment for now is that I will post twice a week on the day that I have off from my full-time job, which will be Tuesday and Saturday. I will see how I go and will adjust accordingly in the future. I hope you can stay around and enjoy what The Lifestyle Monolog has to offer for you soon…

Thank you for staying around. See you on my next post πŸ™‚


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