It’s finally here in Australia!

Let me take a second to contain my excitement…

Okay! In case, you haven’t heard, Sephora Australia has FINALLY stocked Fresh Beauty!!!

I will take another moment to gather my thoughts…

Right! At the moment, Sephora Australia stocked Fresh Beauty‘s most popular products. Obviously, if you go to Fresh Beauty official page, you can definitely grasp the vast variety of the beauty offerings. What’s available right now in Sephora is definitely a very curated selection of top sellers. I have been buying Fresh Beauty whenever I traveled overseas, and off course I have not tried everything. But I’ll give you a little insight on what I’ve tried below…


Soy Face CleanserWater based, gel cleanser. Second cleanse with a subtle and fresh cucumber scent. I have repurchased this cleanser twice cause I love it so much. This is my favourite cleanser in my AM routine, because of the fresh cucumber scent somehow wakes me up in the morning. This cleanser is rich in amino acids, so what you might ask, well Amino acids…

  • Promote collagen production
  • Helps to improve sun-damaged skin
  • Provide protection against free radical (highly reactive molecules that can have a negative impacts on our skin and body when they oxidize
  • Aid in wound healing, for minor skin injuries
  • Natural moisturising factor is amino acids’ primary components which facilitate proper skin barrier

Off course, cleansers probably would not do all that, because of the short duration it stays on our skin. But any little thing adds up to help and my skin does feel hydrated and supple after

Rose Deep Hydration Facial TonerThe main ingredients in this toner are glycerin, rosewater, angelica leaf extract and hyaluronic acid therefore no surprise that this toner is especially hydrating…

  • Glycerin is a common ingredients in hydrating skincare products as the acid helps add water to skin
  • Rosewater helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance, hydrate, revitalise and moisturise the skin for that refreshed look
  • Angelica leaf extract is a special plant that have the ability to retain water or moisture
  • Hyaluronic acid off course, our good friend that helps to attract water from your surrounding and binds moisture in your skin

It has actual rose petals inside the bottle. I definitely purchased this one because it looked pretty on shelf. I love to pump few drops on my hands and pat on my face, rather than on cotton pads

Rose Face MaskPossibly my most favourite out of everything I have tried from Fresh Beauty so far. It has actual rose petals in it with gel-like textures. The mask both hydrates and soothed your skin and because it is so gentle you can use it everyday if you want. The best thing is this mask contain both cucumber and aloe vera, which sooth and calm any flair up you might have


Fresh Beauty don’t do make-up but they do have their amazing tinted lip balm. Their SUGAR tinted lip balms are amazing! They give such natural colours, with yummy scents and my favourite is CORALfor it’s light burnt orange, peachy colour. The SUGAR Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy that I have is at this time, not available in Australia, but similar version called the SUGAR Lip Treatment Advanced Therapyis available. The one I have is a thick balm which melted on your lips because of your natural body heat. It has a light mint scent and I swear it works so well for dry, chapped lips. I know a few people who swore by this lip treatment for their dry and chapped lips.

I do encourage you to do a lovely trip to Sephora near you and see what’s in store, have a play, try the testers. I heard that their Black Tea line, especially the masks are especially beautiful. I can’t wait to explore more from Fresh Beauty soon now that it is so conveniently available here, down under. So Aussies are you going to give this brand a whirl?? If you’ve used Fresh Beauty before do leave a comment and let me know your favourites…

Thank you for reading everyone… I shall chat to you soon over at the comment section. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram


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