My Winter Fragrance Wardrobe

“Perfume is personal magic. It is a first impression and a lasting recollection,” – Anonymous.

One of my earliest memory of fragrance is my mother’s Christian Dior Dolce Vita. My parent’s master bedroom has this vanity cabinet which looks like a treasure trove of perfumes that belongs to them. For whatever reason, Dior’s Dolce Vita bottle stood out to me. Every special occasions, my mother will pull it out and I will bask in the scent that flow through the air. I suppose ever since then, I always have a special place for perfumes.

My first fragrance was Issey Miyake, that feels like million years away. And like any great fragrances, this scent take me back to me and my cousin, listening to Spice Girl’s Wannabe while admiring Michael Owen of Liverpool Football Club poster hanging from her wall. If you understand any of that references, leave a comment below and we need to be friends 🙂

Fast forward few light years from then, my taste in fragrance have change so much. I have now curate my own fragrance wardrobe, seperate seasonally. Since we are nearing the start of winter, southern hemisphere represent, the following are my accidentally monochrome curation of winter fragrances…

Diptyque eau DUELLE

A warm scent enveloped you the moment you spray this on. For the longest time, I was searching for a spicy, earthy scent without the sweetness of vanilla dominating the whole thing. Walking into my beauty heaven Mecca Cosmetica, Diptyque drew me through their simple monochrome labels. The moment I picked up eau DUELLE, I knew immediately its just what I wanted. A well balance combination of white vanilla and frankincense, with notes of cardamom, bergamot, saffron, musk and many more, evokes the magic of ancient silk road. In winter time, this is the perfect scent to bring all the warmth and cosy feels…

Byredo Black Saffron

Sweeter than your regular oriental, warm fragrances. Black Saffron was inspired by the creator’s trips to India, hence the fresh notes of pomelo, saffron and juniper berries. I enjoy vetiver and raspberry base that lingers on me all day. If worn during summer, I think the sweetness overpower. In winter however, this fragrance just kick the right amount of joy to my day…

Chanel eau Paris – Venise

A fresh oriental fragrance with notes of neroli, vanilla and tonka. I believe that by this point, you might gather that in winter, I enjoy the scent of vanilla. This perfume was inspired by a city that Coco Chanel holds dear to her heart, she spent time there recovering from loosing the love of her life Boy Capel. Her time in Venice shaped Chanel’s eye for detail and lifestyle all her life…

Chanel eau Paris – Biarritz

Burst of fresh ocean breeze comes to mind when I spray this fragrance on, thanks to its fruity Sicilian citrus and lily of the valley. Biarritz was the first city Chanel opened her couture house right across the road from the casino. This is the city that launched house of Chanel to the international clienteles. Every now and then in winter, a spritz of this fragrance transport me to the seaside town and its beautiful summer days…

What about you? What was your first fragrance memory? Share your story in comment section below, would love to hear about it.


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