Skin Edit: Adding Probiotic to your face-care?

“Be picky with your time, your friends, and your skincare,” – Anonymous

For the longest time, Probiotic has long been promoted as the essential ingredient to a healthy gut. Off course, adding yoghurt to your daily diet is definitely highly recommended right? However, lately I have been noticing an insurgence of probiotic in many skincare product ingredient. Is there real benefit to probiotic for your skin???

NEOGEN DERMALOGY Probiotics line is one of many other beauty brands who are now adding this one ingredient into their product. Let’s find out more…

Probiotics are living cultures in our body that is responsible for our overall health, especially our digestive system. However, in skincare Probiotics can help to delivery good bacteria and nutrients to help balance and brighten our skin’s overall complexion. Therefore we can conclude that when your skin is balance, it will be able to effectively protect your skin from the outside aggressors to prevent early signs of ageing or other environmental damages. It has been said that probiotics contain an anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe redness, irritations or skin conditions such as rosacea or acne.

I am currently trying out the NEOGEN DERMALOGY Probiotics Double Action Serum, here are some details,

  • What is it? Combination of two serums, one uses probiotics to promote skin’s elasticity and restoring the skin while the second serum aims to strengthen and repair skin barrier
  • Key Ingredients? First serum contained black & white truffles to help with elasticity, probiotics to help with skin’s restoration and hyaluronic acid. The second serum contains ceramides to protect skin barrier and maintain moisture, as well as, collagen and propolis for its anti bacterial properties
  • What I think? Such a unique dual serum delivering freshly combined ingredients every time you pump. This serum has a light lavender scent, therefore keep that in mind if you do have a sensitivity to fragrance. The serum both have light textures that just sinks into the skin. Wonderful addition to my skincare routine, however I have yet to see any particular improvements on my skin. I believe this serum is not so much a mover & shaker, but a good preventative measure to possible future damage or speedy ageing process

Have you seen probiotics around on your local beauty aisle? Will you be giving probiotic a go?


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