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Ayutthaya, Thailand

“Not all those who WANDER are LOST” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Ayutthaya, an ancient seat of government for Thai royals, an old city of temple ruins and history. Merely few hours drive from the modern capital city of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a stark contrast to the mega-metropolis. The moment you reach the area, you wonder if perhaps you have been transported through time. Ancient temples aplenty, it is definitely worth the day trip…

Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon… has some of the most beautiful white statues of Buddha. One of the larger ancient temples in Ayutthaya and a personal favourite to explore. The large temple ground is dominated by a grand center stupa, which are wrapped in yellow cloth, similar to that of a monk’s robe,

Wat Phanan Choeng… has one the larger Buddha statue in a sitting position, while Wat Pho near the Grand Palace in Bangkok has the larger reclining Buddha statue. It is an active temple where blessing ceremony happens on the daily. While I was there, I had the opportunity to experience this blessing ceremony. It is an amazing personal experience that I could not put down in words. Regardless of what your religious belief, the blessing ceremony is such an intense spiritual moment that can only be experienced with an open heart and mind,
Wat Na Phra Men… surrounded by few other temples which contain some of the oldest Buddha relics and statues, Wat Na Phra Men is a classic Thai temple architecture that can not be missed. The intricate ornaments and carvings of the temple rooftop is something to be admire,Β 

And while you’re exploring the beautiful ancient city, make sure you asked the local the best place to sample their most famous grilled river king prawn, which is actually the size of a lobster…

-love K.

Packing for a Week Getaway

Posted this flatlay of my packed carry-on few days ago on my Instagram, and thought it’ll be fun to share what I bring on my week getaway πŸ™‚ Can you tell that I’m way too excited about this trip… 


Since I’m traveling on budget airline, they don’t give you a check on allowance for luggage, you pretty much have to buy all the luxury basic normal airlines provided. Hence packing a check in luggage is an art form…

Loving these Uniqlo Ines De La Fressange’s shirts, they’re basic for any women’s wardrobe and so affordable. Plain tshirts are always a staple considering the warm tropical weather I’m about to face and lastly, my go-to plane outfit of jeans and stripe to,  
Jeans to wear on plane. Shorts, to survive hunid weather and a dressy pants for unexpected occasions. Love traveling with my Adidas, but let’s be real, in hot tropics you’ll thank whoeever invented ballet flats and sandals, 


Denim dress, stripe dress or general shirt dress are my go-to humid outfit. Always bring over the shoulder bag for the plane, a good sized that fits everything is always a good idea, and pack a clutch if you suspects a possible girls night out,

My basic skincare essentials, 


And the very minimum makeup tools possible, I don’t wear too much makeup on holiday, only basics neutral look. But red lipstick is a staple, it brights up your look especially after a long haul flight…

The tricks to fit them all,

  • Buy a travel liquid containers! You don’t need a full size facial washes and serums for a week’s trip, so investing in clear plastic bottles will save your life
  • Roll your clothes, not a new idea for sure, but rolling saves so much space
  • Stuff underwear into empty space, e.g. your clutch, that way you are maximising your cabin luggage space
  • Save samples given by makeup stores. Yes, if you buy products at any beauty counter, they tend to overload you with samples. Be sure to ask for useful samples that you can use while traveling
  • Be ruthless!!! Let’s be real, we’re not doing a fashion show while we’re traveling, unless off course you happened to be a fashion blogger. Cut down to apparel you can mix&match and will actually wear

Enjoy your flight and holiday, avoid all the waiting on the baggage carousel and definitely not paying anymore than your amazingly affordable budget air tickets! 
-love Karina.

Crystal Castle, Byron Bay

Crystal Castle

81 Monet Dr, Mullumbimby NSW 2482

(02) 6684 3111

This place is too beautiful for words, so serene and peaceful. It is a tranquil escape that leaves you rejuvenated. Highly recommended! 

You don’t have to believe in the teachings of Buddha or Hinduism, Crystal Castle offers a peaceful sanctuary for everyone. It is a quite place to reflect and relax. If you have the chance, I personally think it’ll be a good must-see.

-love Karina. 

Paris… with Emma & Roe


The city of light, the capital of France, the city that sparks romance and creativity… 

Ever since my first trip to Paris, I have been fascinated by the city, the food, the language and the people, especially their style choices. Through books and films, and an unhealthy number of Eiffel Tower paraphernalia, I continue to foster my love for Paris

Imagine my excitement looking at Emma & Roe page and find Paris related charms that I can call my own…  


Here are my tribute to one of my favourite city on earth, ParisLa belle ville…


If you are as obsessed with Paris as much as me, here are the links to my charm bracelet,

Sterling Silver Eiffel Tower Charm

Sterling Silver Arc De Triomphe France Charm
Black Leather Double Length Bracelet
Charms Images via Emma & Roe site.
-love Karina.



Red Hill Road & co.

This week, let me introduce you to the gorgeous Emma from Red Hill Road & co. The first time I know of Red Hill Road & co. was through Instagram. I admired her polymer clay and wooden beads necklaces, but also notice the charitable aspect of her brand, which makes me more than happy to purchase my very own necklace. 

 Here’s Emma and the story behind the label, Red Hill Road & co. 

“My motivation (behind creating the brand) was firstly, a creative platform to produce affordable handmade jewellery in line with the latest fashion trends. Secondly, I created the label to give back to the community via donations. The name, Red Hill Road, was the first street I lived on in Wagga Wagga, NSW.”

“My inspiration comes from fashion and creating styles that complement and highlight features of an outfit. I’m a bit of a matchy matchy girl so the appeal of being able to create a necklace to match every outfit is a dream and a challenge for me,”

Being a creative maker, Emma finds it very rewarding although without its own challenges,

“The positives are creating a product to allow others to solve a wardrobe prolem and the buzz of someone wearing something you have created. The challenges? Not enough hours in the day! I am working on finding the balance, as well as trying to put my phone down….such a time waster!!!! I work part time for a large retail organisation as a Marketing Analyst. I love my job but my passion is for the artisan handmade,”

Being a true creative, here’s her tip on staying in the creative headspace,

“I get designers block all the time….when I do I take a walk out in nature to clear my head, flowers feature often in my photos because of this. I also scour homeware mags and Pinterest for colour themes that look great together.”

 Here are the all important details, 
Online Shop: Red Hill Rd

Facebook: Red Hill Road and co.

Instagram: @red_hill_road

5% of all profits donated to Australian Alopecia Foundation,

“I support the Australian Aerata Alopecia Foundation. My son Angus has alopecia totalis. The foundation have supported our family with advice and education”

Emma‘s advice for all of creatives out there, 

“Stay true to yourself and what you stand for. Start out with something small and tangible that you can grow organically. People love seeing your journey and feel a connection to you if you are honest along the way.”

Here is the beautiful necklace, Emma so kindly custom made for me. It is a mix of clay and wooden beads, all neutral colours, which is so very me. It is my staple summer necklace, cause I wear a lot of white in hotter season, not sure why, hmmm…

Give her Insta love and check out her page, when you’re there, get some beautiful accessories and help Red Hill Road & co. raise donations for Australian Alopecia Foundation. Click HERE to learn more about the foundation. 
Thank you to the beautiful Emma for taking the time in her busy life, answering my questions! 

-love Karina.

Finders Keepers, Melbourne

How I love Finders Keepers! So many things to see and amazing creative people to meet 😊  

My first stop is Vei and Patrick from MiMa Workshop 😊 They’re super fun as always! And I got myself the largest Taba with top-hat that can hold a tea-light candle! I’m so excited! Can I just say, love their arcade display cabinet 😍



Cutest thing!!! I’m so excited!!! Can not wait to use it straight away 😊

Vei introduced me to this lovely maker, Yiying who makes all these fantastic clay trays and pots, 




Couldn’t resist the cuteness of her products, score myself a clay tray to keep my Taba company,


There are so many cool products! Best way to spend my Sunday 😊 Have a restful one, let’s prepare our mind and body for Monday 😊
-love Karina.  

MIMAW, Melbourne


In this week post, I want to introduce to MIMAW, which in my opinion, is the coolest thing ever. MIMAW stands for Micro.Macro.Workshop, is a creatively driven design and 3D printing studio operating in the intersection of design, craft and technology. 



I got in contact with MIMAW‘s creator Vei Tan after seeing her wonderful creation in my favourite shop, A Good Space. Vei is lovely enough to reply to my email and agree to share her inspirations here…

MIMAW was actually born while I went on a hunt for my first architecture job, with the economic downturn it proved very difficult to find employment. My partner found a job but I never did! So as they say, “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door!” Hence, out of intense curiosity and the hunger to create and explore ideas, we purchased our first 3D printer in March 2013 and spent a lot of time learning, understand and testing its capabilities. After quite some time with no better job prospects, but with so much ideas – MIMAW was officially launched in 2014″


MIMAW‘s philosophy “araw-araw” which means everyday in Tagalog, they celebrate the everyday banal objects people tend to overlook, with functionality, technique and play embedded in each pieces created. One of their signature piece is the Taba, or chubby in Tagalog. ‘Taba’ is a series of 3D printed containers which are individually hand finished through plastering, resin techniques and painting. 



“Taba explores the generic idea and function of a container: the lid and the container. It then expands this simple relationship through its multi-functional and inter-changeable ‘Hat, Body and Bowl’ allowing a myriad of uses whilst giving them life to bring delight and joy. Each Taba is given its own personality and embedding itself into your everyday – bringing a little bit of sunshine”


With so much creativity flowing inside a studio, I was wondering if they’re ever stuck for idea,

“Yes, definitely! The best way is to take a break from what we are doing and come back with a stronger and fresher mind. We are always trying to explore different possibilities for designs but having a really clear idea on what we want to achieve which help minimize the “designer’s block”. Testing products digitally and physically are also really important” 

The challenges in creating something as unique as these 3D printed creations,

“Learning the art of digital modeling and sculpting to be able to control the outcome of the 3D printers efficiently with minimal material wastage, being able to command the actual 3D printers and its variable settings and to learn how to finish each piece with various mediums. (However) it’s always a greta experience to be able to experiment with 3D printing. We are constantly researching and exploring other techniques, materials and ideas. We love seeing our projects turn from sketch, to digital model and to physical form”


“The positive thing for me is the freedom in designing and creating. I am a big believer in having no constraints with ideas, we don’t follow trends. We create our own pieces based on ideas and not trends, and that is what I enjoy most at MIMAW. I also love that we always embed a story behind each piece, whether it’s from a purely imaginative source or something that is part of our personal stories,”

One of the best advice ever given to Vei is a word of wisdom given by her partner, Patrick who runs their architecture practice, Superscale. Having someone who believes in her and always encourages her, is the reason MIMAW was born. Her favourite quote, which happens to be one of my favourite as well, by Mark Twain,

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails, Explore. Dream. Discover.” 

And what great advice indeed πŸ™‚


If you’re wondering how to grab any of MIMAW‘s amazing creations, check out the links below,

Website: Mimaw

Instagram: @mimaworkshop

Last but not least, MIMAW‘s advice for all the young creatives out there,

“I always believe in pushing your own boundaries, going beyond your comfort zones. It might be a cliche for some, but it’s so true,

‘Be willing to be uncomfortable, be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough but it’s a small price to pay for living a dream’ – Peter McWilliams. 

It’s human nature to have self doubt, but never let it overrun you. It’s okay to make mistakes, we’ve had heaps! Belive in the positive and your dream.”



Thank you to Vei for taking the time out of the busy schedule to answer all my questions and sending me generous number of super cute pictures! Looking forward to meet you and all the ‘Taba’s in person… 😊


-love Karina.