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Style Journey: Wardrobe Edit, a shopaholic way to fulfil her impulses without spending the money

“Why Grey? Cause my ideas are colourful…” – Unknown via Pinterest

I believe that it is in the make-up of my being that I am in love with the grey, navy and black. Possibly caused by growing in a city like Melbourne, who is so devoted to black, grey and navy are where I feel safe to express colour. However, once in a while, I will add a pop of other colour to my outfits to brighten my cloudy winter’s days.

Images via Pinterest, Death by Elocution

Ever since I have simplified my wardrobe and sticking to the minimalist approach, I get inspired to spice up my outfit through the varying shades of block colours. Whenever I need to update or hit refresh on my wardrobe, I always get plenty of inspirations from the world of street style photographies and do a quick edit of what I have. I find that doing a regular style edit of my own wardrobe, satisfied my inner shopaholic self. I managed to trick myself into thinking that I am shopping but I am not spending the money.

Images via Death by Elocution, Pinterest

Here are few simple steps I usually followed when I do my wardrobe edit,

  • Get Inspired
    • Using Pinterest or Instagram, I would give myself time to search specific trends I want to look up. My most look up search on Pinterest are, street style, minimalist style, minimal fashion and I would do a seasonal search of, winter or summer style
  • Pick 5-days worth of looks you want to emulate
    • From my Pinterest/Instagram search, I would pick up to five looks that I am inspired and loved the most, so much that I can see myself wearing the outfit combinations
  • Break down the outfit, go to your wardrobe and “shop” what you have
    • This the most fun part of the whole wardrobe edit for me. From the outfits photographs that I chose, I would break down each pieces and see what items I already have in my wardrobe
  • Take photos of your outfits with your phone, I use Polaroids cause I feel like my own magazine fashion editor 🙂
    • Using pieces from my wardrobe, I would do an outfit flatly on my bed and take photos of these outfits. I make this a fun and creative activity for me. Having these records on my phone or polaroids, helps shortened my time of picking what outfit to wear in the morning
  • Complete your look
    • In the occasion that you do not have certain piece in your wardrobe to complete your looks, I would make a purchase to complete my outfit. Here’s the important part, if it is a “trend” piece which will only be an IN look for this season, I would not invest too much of my money and would look into places like, ASOS or Uniqlo is one of my favourite

Images via Pinterest

I do my wardrobe edit twice a year, only when the season changes. I only do summer and winter wardrobe edit, our spring and autumn never last for very long here in Melbourne, hence I feel like I just extend my summer into spring and so on. Being in winter right now, I did my most recent wardrobe edit at the start of country-wide lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Corona Virus. This time, I added lilac jumper, burnt red oversized hoodie both from Stylenanda and an oatmeal coloured puffer jacket from Uniqlo. What style inspired you most lately?


Style Journey: A Call To Minimalism…

“Minimalism isn’t about removing the things you love. It’s about removing the things that distract you from the things you love,” – Joshua Becker

I love that quote. It gives me a clearer perspective on why I need to declutter my life. including my wardrobe. Ever since I was allowed to work part-time, I always chose to work in fashion retail. The love for both fashion and shopping are probably the biggest propeller of this career choice I have made for myself. For the best eight years of my working life, I have dedicated it to fashion retail and I have enjoyed most things about that experience, however I have also accumulated an insane amount of clothing items that I absolutely do not need. Here is the turning point…

Images via Pinterest

Over the years, my knowledge of who I am as a person have matured along with time. I have been quite comfortable with my being, body shape and all, for quiet sometimes now and clothes I wear have always been a my way of portraying who I am to the outside world. I am more drawn to simplicity, I am drawn to the quality of things rather than the quantity I own. My sense of style evolved and I am more drawn towards comfortable yet stylish outfits.

Images via Pinterest, Death by Elocution

Gathering my inspirations and thought on amazing platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, I slowly begin my style overhaul, so to speak. Finding items in my existing wardrobe, shopping from my own closet, curating items I love and wear often while donating items that no longer serve a purpose in my wardrobe. I began to notice my most loved and most worn clothing pieces are in grey, navy or black, how very Melbournian of me. The two pattern I seemed to love are stripes and polka dots, and clothing items within these two pattern qualifier I have managed to reduce in quantity to the bare necessities. I am glad that I go on this style journey towards Minimalism, because I now open my wardrobe everyday, with a huge sigh of pleasure. I am enjoying the moment of being with my clothing pieces and plan my outfit for the day. Most items are so easy to mix and match, and because I do not have unnecessary clutter covering clothing pieces I love, I have since stop saying to myself, I have NOTHING to wear…, which is a nice problem to not have. My current style obsession is matching hoodie/tracksuit pants with cool camel coat/jacket over the top, so effortlessly cool and comfortably chic on a different level.

What’s your current style obsession?