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The Beautiful City of Dresden

IMG_0813.JPGThis week, I’m taking you back to a little quaint town of Dresden. During my trip, I didn’t get a chance to stay overnight and explore the city as extensive as I would like. But this city leave such an impression on me, I will put this city on my must see and must stay list.
IMG_0801.JPGThe fascinating thing for me, is they do everything to preserve their history. All the black marks on the wall are from the fire during the world war. The statue of their famous son, Martin Luther, stands proud in the middle of the old town square. Dresden is such a beautiful town.IMG_0804.JPGIMG_0800.JPGIMG_0802.JPG My fondest memory in Dresden, funny enough, is the little restaurant where I enjoyed the best pork knuckle for lunch. I can’t wait to discover what more that this town has to offer.

-love K.