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A Place Called, Plataran

When I find something good, I have to share with everyone. I was introduced to Plataran when I went back to Jakarta. Plataran is a lovely restaurant in the heart of Dharmawangsa in the South of Jakarta. The owner converted a traditional Javanese house to a restaurant and event’s venue. The venue is beautiful…

The food however is the star of the show…

Fried Eggplants with Beef Floss
Fried Fish with Fresh Young Mango Salad

Oatmeal Prawn 

Fried Chicken

Onde-onde, Glutenous Balls with Red Bean Filling

Sticky Rice with Durian Jam

Fried Casava

And this is how happy I was after…

If you are ever going to visit Jakarta make sure you make time to visit this restaurant.


Jl. Dharmawangsa No. 6, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12160, Indonesia

+62 21 29044167

-love K.

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Once upon a time, a prince from the next door kingdom fell in love with a beautiful princess named, Roro Jonggrang. Since the prince killed her father, there’s no way Roro Jonggrang will ever say yes to a marriage proposal. But the prince was determined, so Roro Jonggrang finally gave in, under one condition…

“Build me thousand temples in one night before the sun rise…” 

Calling upon all his other world friends, the prince’s genies start working on building these temples…

The Prince’s other worldy army finished the 999th temples. Fearing the possibility of marrying her father’s murderer, Rara Jonggrang awaken her whole kingdom. She tells the women in the village to start pounding the rice and light fires on the east side. Fearing the sunlights, all the genies flew and didn’t finish the last temple…

When the prince find out about the princess’ trickery, he gets so angry he cursed her. He turned her into stone, making her the 1000th temple…

This statue of Hindu goddess Durga is believed to be the princess Roro Jonggrang herself…

That was the legend of Prambanan Temple according to the traditional Javanese legend. The temple and surrounding areas are so beautiful, it feels like the perfect backdrop for a fairy tale. Be it quite the grimm tale.

-love K.

Candi Borobudur: a world heritage site

When you’ve been away from your home country for a long time, you have the luxury of discovering old treasures with new perspectives. I have visited Borobudur Temple many times before, well twice before, but this time around I took my time tracing back all the carvings. Felt a bit like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft minus the evil enemies, well minus the butt kicking action as well off course.

I made it all the way to the top, the climb was horrid but the view made it all worthwhile. Every detailed carvings on the stone walls are spectacular. I can’t even begin to comprehend the time and efforts poured into building this grand temple. UNESCO and Indonesian Government are trying to preserve this temple so it’ll stand for another thousands of years. It’s a thin line to keep the balance of tourism demands and preserving the history. Regardless, Candi Borobudur is a must-see.

-love K.

Food// Food-photolog: A Familiar Taste of Home

I’m finally back in Jakarta after a whirlwind three days trip to my dad’s hometown. Central Java where my dad’s from, is a serious foodie place. My dad is a serious foodie, apples don’t fall far from the tree. Anyway, we went to his hometown, Semarang and did a quick road trip to Yogyakarta and Solo. Here are a quick photo-log, food summaries let say of everything we ate…

Nasi Goreng Babat “Pak Karmin” – Fried Rice with beef stomach, bizzare but delicious

Nasi Ayam “Ibu Wido” – Traditional Chicken Rice

Sate Sapi dan Lontong “Pak Kempleng” -Beef Satay and Rice Cakes

Nasi Gudeg “Bu Djuminten” – Rice with Stewed Jackfruit

Nasi Bakmoy – Chicken with Tofu Soup on Rice

Soto Ayam “Gading” – Traditional Javanese Chicken Yellow Soup on Rice

Nasi Timlo Solo – Traditional Clear Chicken Broth with condiments on Rice

Wedang Ronde – Glutenous Balls Peanut Fillings in Sweet Ginger Broth

Getuk Magelang “Trio” – Getuk is a sweet cassava glutenous cakes

Tahu Petis – Tofu with Petis Sauce fillings, Petis sauce is made from shrimp paste

Wow! That’s a lot of food for 3 days trip! Will definitely post more photos of my travel to the beautiful Central Java soon…

-love K.

Food// Bali – the island of Gods and Foodie Heaven

I had the opportunity to spend the last 4 days in Bali. Met many amazing people and fell in love with the island all over again. Bali is such a beautiful, spiritual place for me and I always feel refreshed after a trip there, even if this trip was for work purposes. The following are my favourites go-to places for my Balinese food fixed…

Babi Guling Pak Malen


It’s a hole in a wall restaurant, you’ll miss it if you blink along Sunset Road, but they serve such amazing Babi Guling! For those of you who haven’t been to Bali, babi guling is suckling pig dish which they served with other varieties of vegetables and pork dishes on top of rice. Like this…


Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika
Word of Warning: Pedas, means spicy in Bahasa Indonesia, and this place’s chilli is in fact very very HOT!


Nasi Pedas is generally mixed meat and vege, which you pick yourself, on top of rice, the one kick on and the point of difference is the sambal, or the chilli sauce. Please do not try and test your tolerance for chilli here. Somewhere else maybe at your own risk, but not here, and I happened to love extra spicy food. This is Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika…


Off course there are other popular traditional food places such as, Babi Guling Ibu Oka which is all the way up in Ubud, these two are closest if you happened to stay around Seminyak or Kuta area.

-love K.