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Culinary Journey: What’s Up With… Dalgona Coffee

“A day without coffee is like, just kidding… I have no idea,” – Anonymous

If you are of the millennial generation, addicted to YouTube and a proud owner of TikTok, chances are you would have heard about this coffee…

Dalgona Coffee, although gain massive popularity in South Korea, is actually originated in Macau, China. The 400 times whisked coffee was featured in a South Korean reality, celebrity cooking competition called, Fun-staurant. One of the celebrity competing, Jung Il Woo, in search on foodie inspirations, went to Macau and discover this whisked coffee. Being a very popular reality show, evidently it inspired many South Korean, who happened to be stuck at home because of Covid-19, to take TikTok and YouTube by storm and the rest is history.

The recipe is so simple, all ingredients are 1:1:1 ratio

  • 2 tbsp Instant Coffee, black coffee won’t work with barista grade coffee for coffee machine or 3 in 1 kind with premixed sugar/creamer
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp hot water

You mixed all three ingredients and just whisk your life away. If you want it to be super fluffy, marshmallow like foam, you need to use an electric whisker cause your arms might fall off otherwise. If you are happy with a thickened cream consistency, your arm power will suffice. I love to pop this over ice and cashew milk. Cashew milk is honestly a recent discovery and I have fell hard for it.

Honestly, once you mixed the whisked coffee with milk, the drinks pretty much resemble a latte. The taste however, is on a different level. The coffee is creamier when compared to normal ice cafe latte and I don’t think I can drink coffee any other way, aside from Iced Americano, which is still my go-to. Dalgona coffee is definitely more like a treat, because as I’m writing this, like many of those South Korean before me, I am stuck at home, self isolating from all the corona craziness that is out there.

Let me know if you do give this coffee a go? You can always take a photo, post on Instagram and tag me http://instagram.com/karina.mandala

Stay safe and healthy everyone…


ShortStop in the City

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

12 Sutherland St, Melbourne

Check out their Instagram and Website

I will let these donuts speak for themselves…


If I have to choose, I will recommend the Coconut Lemon Meringue and Sticky Date & Gingerbread. 

Ignore that, try them all!!! 

It was very hard to choose, hence the two box full, one of each flavours. Shortstop Donuts are soft and the perfect friend to your coffee. They offer such good flavour combinations that works so well together. Speaking of donuts perfect friend coffee, Shortstop do great cuppa here too

There were massive line, but I did go on Sunday long weekend. I’m sure it will be good during weekdays, so if you work around the city, lucky you! Go and check out these amazing people in action…


Okay I think I might have to go back tomorrow morning… 

-love K.