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Culinary Journey: What’s Up With… Dalgona Coffee

“A day without coffee is like, just kidding… I have no idea,” – Anonymous

If you are of the millennial generation, addicted to YouTube and a proud owner of TikTok, chances are you would have heard about this coffee…

Dalgona Coffee, although gain massive popularity in South Korea, is actually originated in Macau, China. The 400 times whisked coffee was featured in a South Korean reality, celebrity cooking competition called, Fun-staurant. One of the celebrity competing, Jung Il Woo, in search on foodie inspirations, went to Macau and discover this whisked coffee. Being a very popular reality show, evidently it inspired many South Korean, who happened to be stuck at home because of Covid-19, to take TikTok and YouTube by storm and the rest is history.

The recipe is so simple, all ingredients are 1:1:1 ratio

  • 2 tbsp Instant Coffee, black coffee won’t work with barista grade coffee for coffee machine or 3 in 1 kind with premixed sugar/creamer
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp hot water

You mixed all three ingredients and just whisk your life away. If you want it to be super fluffy, marshmallow like foam, you need to use an electric whisker cause your arms might fall off otherwise. If you are happy with a thickened cream consistency, your arm power will suffice. I love to pop this over ice and cashew milk. Cashew milk is honestly a recent discovery and I have fell hard for it.

Honestly, once you mixed the whisked coffee with milk, the drinks pretty much resemble a latte. The taste however, is on a different level. The coffee is creamier when compared to normal ice cafe latte and I don’t think I can drink coffee any other way, aside from Iced Americano, which is still my go-to. Dalgona coffee is definitely more like a treat, because as I’m writing this, like many of those South Korean before me, I am stuck at home, self isolating from all the corona craziness that is out there.

Let me know if you do give this coffee a go? You can always take a photo, post on Instagram and tag me http://instagram.com/karina.mandala

Stay safe and healthy everyone…


Humble Ray, a brag-worthy Desserts

“Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach, dessert goes to the heart,” – Anonymous.

If I was asked to choose between sweet and savoury, I will always pick savoury. When it comes to sweet food, I only ever have one weakness,


To be more precise, in the case here, I am talking about Korean shaved iced dessert. Better known as Bing-su, is the only type of sweet that I would always say yes too, no matter how stuffed my stomach feel. During my travel to Seoul, a chain store place called Seul-Bing, took a piece of my heart. I went back to various branches around Seoul few times during my 10 days there and now back in Melbourne, I have been looking for its replacement since.

Not the exact same, here’s praying for Seul-Bing to arrive in Melbourne, but for now this is an incredible substitutes. If you are a huge bing-su fan like yours truly, and you happen to live in Melbourne, make your way here…

Humble Ray | 71 Bouverie Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Opens 7 days | 8am – 4pm

Thai Milk Tea Bing-su

Huge fan of Thai Milk Tea, and for Humble Ray to create this Thai Milk Tea shaved ice is something I never knew I wanted but absolutely need in my life. Trust me when I say, it is not sickly sweet, you have extra condensed milk on the side if you need that extra sweetness. The Earl Grey ice cream on top, heavenly. Don’t forget to dig all the way to the bottom of the bowl for the grass jelly and coconut jelly goodness.

Matcha Bing-Su

I’m guessing matcha flavoured shaved-ice is not a new invention, but I do have to admit the unique dollop of Earl Grey Ice Cream adds a layer of flavour spectrum that is just simply delicious. The red bean mochi hidden beneath the tons of shaved ice creates a fun texture to the dessert.

I know we are talking about my love for shaved-ice desserts here, but I can’t talk about Humble Ray and skip the good brunch food they served alongside these desserts. My current favourite, to the point of me craving it in the middle of my working week, is this simple and flavoursome combo of…

Egg White and Bacon

Their Croissant with scrambled eggs might be Insta-famous, but I have to say, their Egg White and Bacon is something else. The fluffiest egg whites omelette, generous rashers of bacons and good kick from the chilli mayo. Alright who’s free for brunch?!?!

Humble Ray, take centre stage and humbly brag about your amazing shaved-ice desserts. Unless Seul-Bing arrived in Melbourne, you shall find me enjoying my shaved-ice over brunch in this popular Melbourne brunch place.

What is the one sweet thing you could never ever refuse? Share on the comment below 🙂


Denmark House, final dégustation

First, let me give you the most important details,

Denmark House

428 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Now that I have informed you where they are, let me tell you a little about them. Denmark House is a small place in the middle of Melbourne’s busy city, offering the ultimate experience of Danish hospitality. I was there by pure chance of having a wonderful foodie friend, but when we went there on the last time the restaurant’s served their dégustation menus to the public. They will be serving dinner as per usual, a la carte instead. Let me show you the five-course meals experienced I had at the Denmark House,


Crispy Chicken with Danish remoulade

Nordic crisp bread with seeds and creme fraiche


Croquette of salted cod with ‘mormor’ salad and herbs

Smoked duck breast with pickled plum


Sous vide lamb rump with new season carrots, charred spring onions and rosemary sauce

Large whole king prawns with asparagus, hollandaise sauce and cracked pepper


Rye bread ice cream with brown butter

Compressed strawberries with cream and crushed meringue

Til kaffen

Marzipan lollipop with chocolate

Each dish serves are flavourful and a delight. Personally, not the biggest fan of Nordic crisp bread, but the sous vide lamb… got me thinking, I should get myself a sous vide machines or something. The service was brilliant with ever so friendly and knowledgable waitresses. Aside from the flavours, the experience overall was nothing short of Scandinavian coziness.

I hoped you all get a chance to have a little taste of “hygge” Danish style at the Denmark House when you visit Melbourne. If you’re Melbournian and a foodie, please take a chance to pay a visit. You will not be disappointed.

Until next time lovely people, don’t forget to follow my Instagram if you want to see more of my food/beauty/art adventures.


Two Birds, One Stone

Two Birds, One Stone

12 Claremont St, South Yarra VIC 3141

(03) 9827 1228

Instagram: @twobirdsonestonecafe

 Images: Google Image

Two Birds, One Stone is super busy over the weekend! Definitely should consider weekdays brunch, but I love coming in here. The place is generally very chill and relaxing, I love the communal table in the middle of the cafe. Here are the yummy food…

 Oven baked Queensland spanner crab omelette served w/ watercress, baby herbs & a chili caramel

 Two birds breakfast: eggs on toast with mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes,
haloumi & avocado

I ordered the crab omelette, so I think the food is definitely not big enough, but yay! Two Birds, One Stone delivers everytime. The crab omelette is flavourful and absolutely love the chilli caramel. Quick tip if you’re thinking to order the Two Birds breakfast, make sure you’re hungry! They’re also next door to Zumbo patisserie 🙂 

-love Karina. 

Auction Rooms of a different kind

Auction Rooms103-107 Errol St, North Melbourne

(03) 0326 7749

Instagram: @auction_rooms

This place is not new for all Melbourne foodies. The place served good coffee, good food made with fresh ingredients. Set in the hip North Melbourne neighbourhood, this cafe is just too cool

The interior is rustic, cool warehouse style. The best part of this place is the amazing courtyard at the back, the only place to be in sunny Melbourne’s summer days. They served great coffee and amazing food…


They cook with seasonal products so the menu changes along with what’s available. Everything is so amazing! A must visit when you’re in Melbourne…
-love Karina.

Cecconi’s Flinders Lane

Cecconi’s Flinders Lane
61 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000

(03) 8663 0500

Follow their Instagram HERE

   Images: Cecconi’s Website 

I am always grateful for a chance to enjoy good food, but my dining experience in Cecconi’s Flinders Lane, was one of those time I needed to take time out and soak in all the goodness. Firstly, the decor of the place is spacious, I definitely love the fact that I’m not sitting too closely to the next table. Very comfortable mood lighting and somewhat an open kitchen which let you in on all the action. Let’s go straight to all the amazing food,

The entrées…  Charcuterie-ham hock terrine, salumi, wagyi bresaola, cornichons

 Warm veal carpaccio, broad beans, confit garlic, truffled croquette

The mains…   Risotto of freshly shaved WA black winter truffle, parmesan, truffle oil

 Potato gnocchi, duck and pork sausage, porcini, parmesan

  Special of the day of duck leg

The Dessert… Dessert tasting plate

What a great experience! We were attended by an amazing waiter, who explains everything clearly and an absolute charm. He was very understanding when we asked to not have nuts on our dessert, which he happily told the chef. Eventhough the setting were quite formal, the staffers were just easy going and lovely. Highly recommended for soecia occasion dinner and will definitely return for more Cecconi’s soon,

-love Karina. 

ShortStop in the City

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

12 Sutherland St, Melbourne

Check out their Instagram and Website

I will let these donuts speak for themselves…


If I have to choose, I will recommend the Coconut Lemon Meringue and Sticky Date & Gingerbread. 

Ignore that, try them all!!! 

It was very hard to choose, hence the two box full, one of each flavours. Shortstop Donuts are soft and the perfect friend to your coffee. They offer such good flavour combinations that works so well together. Speaking of donuts perfect friend coffee, Shortstop do great cuppa here too

There were massive line, but I did go on Sunday long weekend. I’m sure it will be good during weekdays, so if you work around the city, lucky you! Go and check out these amazing people in action…


Okay I think I might have to go back tomorrow morning… 

-love K.  

Manchester Press Goodness

 Manchester Press

8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne 3000

(03) 9600 4054


I’m sure plenty have been written about this place. It is one of my favourite coffee/brunch place in the City area of Melbourne. I suppose when you think about Melbourne, you think about the laneways. No other place is more pleasantly Melbournian than, Manchester Press. They have good coffee and general great bagel and sandwiches…


Reuben Rachel, Thick-cut Pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and salad dressing

And classic latte…

NY Lox, smoked salmon, baby capers on dill cream cheese

As I am only human, I can’t possibly ate all the menu, eventhough I wanted too. They all sounds amazing… The atmosphere of the cafe is super chill-out, laidback and just general hipster-ness. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. 

So whenever you head down to Melbourne city, come and check this place out, even if it just for their coffees.

-love K.