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Skin Edit: The Importance of Eye Serums… That I Never Knew I Need

“The most beautiful art is looking into someone’s eyes when they talk about the things they love,” – Anonymous via Pinterest.

Since the beginning when a romantic poet wrote a love poem, or when a melancholy wrote a tragic love story, they always describe the importance of the eyes. The eyes, some say, are the window to our souls. In reality, the eyes are indeed the fastest give-away how we are feeling, healthy wise. Whether you are tired, dehydrated or simply so stressed out that you can’t have a good night sleep, your eyes will let the world know your body’s state of mind.

Firstly, the area around our eyes do not produce their own oil (less sebaceous glands) in comparison to the rest of our face. This resulted in our eye area being less protected to aggressor or free radicals in comparison to the rest of our face. Secondly, the skin around our eye area is much thinner in comparison to the rest of our face, which again, make it a little more sensitive in comparison to the skin on the rest of your face. When your skin is dehydrated, usually it will show around the area of your eyes as dark circles, or fine lines. Lack of sleep usually gives you the dreaded eye bags or panda eyes with what appears to be a darker ring around your eyes, gorgeous.

For the longest time, I do not really pay much attention to the area around my eyes. I have to say, I do not necessarily deal with terrible dark circles or much fine lines. However, approaching the 30 years old mark, I started to notice the way my foundation sets on the fine lines under my eyes. Late nights on Netflix really did not help with my sudden development of puffy eyes either. Anyway, all these kick-start my journey to discover the best possible solutions to issues I am faced with, around my eyes…

I present to you, my secret duo that have been tackling my issues and become my new essentials, L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Eye Serum (top) & L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm (bottom)

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L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Eye Serum

  • The latest in the Immortelle Overnight Reset family, this eye serum can be use as a booster base for your other eye cream/eye balm and effective enough to be use on its own. Here’s a breakdown of the important ingredients,
    • Immortelle Essential Oil, Marjoram Extract & Acmella Olarecea, the same three ingredients combo in the Reset Face Serum are also present in the Reset Eye Serum. The ingredients basically helps with boosting antioxidant to protect your eye area, wakes skin’s cells in order to ensure efficacy of ingredients and relaxes your skin with the use of Acmella, which is known to be nature’s botox
    • Botanical Compound,  which includes ingredients such as, centella asiatica that has been formulated specifically for the eye area to help reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness
    • Caffeine, much like the effect of caffeine in coffee for our body, caffeine is an effective ingredients used in many eye products for its ability to promote circulation and reduce puffiness
  • Why I love? Firstly, I love, love the fact that this serum is fragrance free! L’Occitane is a brand that is known to be sensorial, and quite famous for their fragrances, hence I am glad that they have decided to forgo that for this product. Secondly, I love the fast absorbing and the light texture of this serum. You only really need a pea sized amount on your ring fingers, quickly break the yellow bubbles and gently massage around your eye area.

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm

  • Newly formulated in 2019, the Immortelle Precious range is definitely such a delight to have in your routine. The important ingredients are,
    • Immortelle Essential Oil, which gives a great anti-ageing benefit to the skin, stimulate collagen production
    • Caffeine, just like a shot of espresso for your eyes, it helps to stimulate the circulation around your eye area, which in turn will help to reduce puffiness
  • Why I love? I fell in love with the texture of this eye balm, even though it is advertised as a balm, it is very light textured and fast absorbing. I love the sensorial scent of most L’Occitane products, but the Precious range is especially refreshing

At the end of the day, many people still believe that eye cream is a glorified version of your face cream, a way for a brand to make that extra cash. I do agree with the sentiment to some degree, however, I do think some eye creams have potent ingredients that could really benefit to refresh the window of your soul. I have been enjoying these two eye creams the most and been also applying them along my smile lines.

Since there are so much confusion in regards to eye cream and their benefit, Consumer Advocate spent a lot of time and research to provide an in-depth review and valuable information to see if eye cream really works. If you are interested in their research and findings, be sure to click on there link, http://www.consumeradvocate.org/eye-cream


Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

“Sun Protection doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive – it needs to be consistent. Keep it simple, but do it forever.” – Hillary Fogelson

I think above everything else in your daily routine, sun protection should be your number one priority. Many people seems to understand the danger of sun rays, but many choose to ignore it and half-heartedly use sun protection. Before I knew anything about skincare, I am one of these people…

I hate the scent, texture and everything you can think of when it comes to sunscreen. They are always sticky, and smells funny. But like technology, innovations have occurred within the beauty industry. As an example, in Japanese and Korean beauty industry, sunscreen products are light textured, non-greasy and nicely scented (or sometimes non-scented). Since then, many western beauty companies have followed suit, in creating sun protection products that are enjoyable to use and customers actually want to use it daily, plus topping up every 4 hours.


I am excited to share with you plenty of sun protection products, but today I want to specifically talk about the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF40 PA+++, wowza mouthful! It is a light gel-like textured sunscreen, with barely any scent, which for some with a more sensitive skin might prefer. Without looking at the ingredients list, I can definitely feel the slight slip that you can get from products containing silicon. However, for an oil skinned person, I do think this texture help when I put makeup on top of the sunscreen.

Overtime, the smooth gel texture do developed tiny grain texture, which I do not find pleasant at all on the skin. I have a sneaky suspicion that there could possibly be unpredictable changes in temperature in my room, which could cause some ingredients within the sunscreen to froze/curdled. I do think this makes a good sunscreen especially for those of you who happens to live in the warmer climate, I feel that the cooler temperature slightly altered the texture of the gel.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen has been a go-to sunscreen for a while, specially during summer month when I get a chance to jump to the water. In my personal opinion, the texture made it more water-resistant in comparison to a cream textured sunscreen.

What are some of your favourite sun protection products?? Make sure to leave on the comment below 🙂