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A review on L’Occitane Overnight Reset serum

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything,” – Irish Proverbs

If there is such thing as miracle, I have to say that this small jar of formula is it. Last year, L’Occitane en Provence, brought out a product that seems to be too good to be true. A relief for stressed and tired skin, claim to refresh and restart your skin while you sleep. So how can I not give it a whirl?

Here are the low down of how this beauty works. L’Occitane only uses natural ingredients and when possible, organic. In the case for this L’Occitane Overnight Reset Serum, the ingredients happened to be 97% natural, which is excellent. The three main ingredients are, Immortelle essential oils, electric daisy (acmella oleracea), and marjoram extract.

  • Immortelle Essential oils are in many of L’Occitane skincare line. Immortelle essential oil is an active ingredients that helps to heal and nourish your skin, in some products the concentration is high enough that it can actually help to stimulate collagen which helps to eradicate fine lines. However, in the case for Overnight Reset Serum, the level of Immortelle is not as high therefore this is not an anti-ageing serum. The oil functions more as an antioxidant which helps to protect skin from external aggressors,
  • Electric Daisy or Acmella Oleracea, has been used for ages as a numbing plants in traditional/natural medicine. It has been called a natural “botox”, which means that temporarily, this plant helps to rejuvenate and refresh the skin
  • Marjoram Extract in this serum is used to awaken our skin’s cells/DNA which helps to let our skin and skincare to communicate better. This leads to better absorption of our skincare products which leads to an increase in the efficiency of each ingredients

The synergy of the three main ingredients helps to create one of L’Occitane most successful skincare launch in Australia to date.

My first impression of the product was nothing special. I suppose my skin is so used to a more active products and I don’t see much difference on my skin. I was a little disappointed especially because the product claimed so many amazing things. Anyway, few months down the track, my skin was a little angry with pimples which leads to few scarring. With my hyper-pigmentation, this meant brown spots. Remembering that the marjoram extract in this serum can help increase efficiency of any skincare products you put on after, I thought, what the heck let’s mix one pump of Reset with my Vitamin-C serum.

The result was so good! My pigmentation usually last for 3-4 weeks, or sometime longer. But when I pop the Overnight Reset Serum on before my Vitamin C serum, within the space of two weeks, my pigmentations are much much lighter. I was so impressed with the results and I have been sharing with my friends ever since. The serum has definitely developed its own cult following of ladies who can’t live without it. It took me a while to review it, but I am glad that I get to share this with you.

Will you give this serum a go? Or have you? Let me know below…


Drunk Elephant Slaai-d, yet again

“Should I really double cleanse, I don’t wear makeup…”

If I have a dollar every time my clients say this, my pocket will be bursting at the seam from the weight. Ever since I was introduced to Caroline Hiron and her ever so enlightening videos on Youtube, I double cleansed. The changes you can see on your skin when you start doing double cleansing is crazy and I believe every women (and men) can reap benefit of this significant skincare routine step. There are few of my clients whose skin have improved by simply doing double cleanse.

The HOW is simple,

1. On dry skin, apply your oil cleanser, emulsify and rinse off. Don’t pat dry as yet cause you go to step…

2. Foam your water based cleanser and wash your face as normal

The WHY, even if you don’t wear or wear very little makeup, this is what double cleansing does for your skin,

1. First cleanse will takes dirt or dust you picked up throughout the day. Remember, some dust particles includes floating dead skin cells, gross. If you so happen to wear makeup, many makeup products are oil based, and oil will attracts oil, making makeup removal that much more thorough

2. Second cleanse with your water based cleanser will then actively cleanse the skin itself

I personally have always preferred balm cleanser as my oil-based, and as an avid Korean beauty user, I am very familiar with balm cleanser. I love how nowadays, many western beauty brands are creating products inspired by Korean beauty and these exchanges of ideas are so beautiful to me. The latest is one of my favourite skincare line, Drunk Elephant and their Slaai Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser.

In the box, you get a decent 110g tub of cleansing balm, plus a small Bamboo Booster which acts like a gentle exfoliant for that extra cleansed once in a while. My first impression of the product, to be very honest with you, was not very good. It was so thick and left quite an oily residue on my skin. It melted my makeup off super easily, don’t get me wrong, this stuff works, but compare to my other balm cleanser which emulsify beautifully and leave no oily residue on my skin, this sensation is new.

But I thought to myself, maybe I over do and scoop too much. The second time, I went a little bit easy on the scooping. Let’s just say, I was too excited the first time.

Slaai is a really thick butter, there’s no mistake. Hence, like any other Drunk Elephant products, you don’t need a lot of it. The butter melts so easily on skin, takes all my makeup off and emulsify beautifully. I do have to rinse few more times in comparison to previous cleansing balm I have used, but now I do not mind because my skin feels nourished afterwards, especially during the cooler months coming.

Appreciate the Bamboo Booster too, cause now once a week, I added a small amount to the balm. It is a gentle exfoliation but satisfying nonetheless. Considering how little I am scooping the butter, this will last me quite sometime and I am all for it.

All my double cleansing tribe, tell me what do you prefer, oil cleanser or balm cleanser? Let me know in the comment below please, incase there’s an oil-based cleanser that I need to try.


Ultra Violette, homegrown sunscreen queens


I don’t wear sunscreen in winter time, there’s barely any sun!


Just because you can’t see the sun, does not mean you are not exposed to UV rays. UVA/UVB rays are consistent all year round. Aside from protecting your skin from UVA/UVB rays, if you happened to use skincare with active ingredients such as, glycolic acid, lactic acid or essential oils, using sunscreen prevent unnecessary damage due to photosensitivity due the use of active skincare.

Introducing you to my current favourite sunscreen, the sunscreen for people like me, who hates the scent and the sticky consistency of traditional sunscreen. The first time I heard about Ultra Violette: Queen Screen, was through an Instagram post from my friend, who happened to be a skincare blogger. At this stage, I have been searching for my sunscreen holy grail. I am wanting a light weight texture and non-sunscreen scented sunscreen, so my happiness double when I finally got my hands on this baby.

Ultra Violette is Melbourne-born created by two women, which makes me even more excited to support and promote this brand. Under the brand, Ultra Violette currently stocked four products, Queen Screen Lightweight Skinscreen, Mattifying Mineral Skinscreen, Hydrating Facial Sunscreen and Hydrating Lip Balm. I decided to purchase their Queen Screen Lightweight Skinscreen SPF50+ and the Sheen Screen SPF30 Hydrating Lip Balm. So… here’s a little bit of what I thought about them,

Ultra Violette Queen Screen SPF 50+ Lightweight Skinscreen is exactly what it claims. The texture is very fluid and light. The Queen Screen does not have the traditional sunscreen scent, when you first apply it to your face, it has a soft rose scent which makes me so happy. The instruction is to pop Queen Screen after your moisturiser, just before your foundation. After I finished my morning skincare routine, I pop Queen Screen on, mixing the smallest dot of Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Sun Serum. Even when use alone, the Queen Screen leave no white cast and this skinscreen sink nicely into your skin. One of this will cost you AU$47, which in my opinion, can be slightly expensive for some. However, considering I purchased it a month ago and have been using it religiously every morning, I still have 80% of the product left. Definite value for money.

Ultra Violette Sheen Screen SPF 30 Hydrating Lip Balm comes in two shades, I purchased a peach one which gives your lips the slightest tint but all the nourishment your lips need. The lip balm has no flavouring or much scent and feels very comfortable on.

When I purchased them, they also sent me their pouch for free. Pouch big enough to fit your daily makeup needs but small enough to be carry around in your bag. To be completely honest, I am so very happy to have found this brand. For the fact that Ultra Violette is created in Melbourne therefore supporting local small business, I am happy to repurchase the Queen Screen once I run out of it. Would also love to be able to try the other two sunscreen products in their line, however for now, I am so in love with the Ultra Violette‘s Queen Screen.

What’s your go-to sunscreen brand? Share yours with me on the comment section and until next time…


Japanese Skincare: First Impression

As a self confessed beauty lover, I believe I’m well versed when it comes to Korean beauty’s skincare or makeup products. When it comes to Japanese beauty however, I am a complete novice. Japanese beauty, for me is the absolute lux SK-II or Shu Uemura, which I have saved up for and tried out. But since SKII Facial Treatment Essence and few other products from them, I have not tried much Japanese beauty brands. So as a curious beauty lover, on a self-imposed spending budget, I want to expand my options! The following are what I’ve been testing out from Japanese beauty line…

Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Muji Light Toning Water High Moisture, DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel SPF 50+

Here are my first impressions on each individual products,

  • Cure Natural Aqua Gel – an exfoliating gel, you apply to your face using circular motion. The friction of the gel on your skin will then remove dead skins. I am pretty good with exfoliating, as I use acid exfoliant often which I think is probably the reason why I did not have as much dead skins when I apply this to my face. I have however, tried on my legs and OH BOY… that’s apparently where all my dry skins went to hide! So first impression, this works πŸ™‚
  • Muji Light Toning Water High Moisture – Applied on cotton pad and it stinks my face a little, which considering there are no ingredients list, I am a little afraid there might be some kind of alcohol in this. I don’t know and I shall look into it a bit further, toner with alcohol is not unusual. If you have dry or sensitive skin however, it might do your skin more harm than good. First impression, not for me but will look into ingredients list and update you as soon as I can πŸ™‚
  • DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – THIS ONE I LIKEEEE!!! As an avid user of Shu Uemura cleansing oil, this is a heaven sent for me because of the price point! It is a thicker fluid consistency in comparison to the Shu Uemura, however, it does the trick. Takes makeup off my face in seconds. First impression, will buy when my Shu finishes πŸ™‚
  • Biore UV Aqua Rich SPF50+ – Can I tell you something, I hate wearing sunscreen 😦 I know, horrible! But I hate the feeling and the scent of sunscreen. I have tried many products non-oily, non-greasy ones before, but I still don’t like the feeling on my skin before putting makeup. This one, took me a while to decide to purchase it, but I have been enjoying using it everyday. The scent is super light and pleasant, the finish is slightly matte and not sticky. My makeup stays on fine therefore first impression, me love πŸ™‚

Now I thought I will also share with you what I have been using and loved from SK-II and my pal Shu Uemura,

(Left to right) Shu Uemura x Murakami Limited ed. Cleansing Oil, SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, SK-II R.N.A. POWER Radical New Age

  • Shu Uemura cleansing oil – I think many, who have tried Shu’s cleansing oil, will agree that this is one of the best cleansing oil out there. The price point is on the steep side, but I do have to admit this last forever. They have variety on the range depending on your skin type, so make sure you get yourself the right one πŸ™‚
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion – not the Essence, this one is their toner that contains salicylic acid which helps to gently exfoliate your skin. I don’t use them every night as my daily toner, but I use them when I’m breaking out or after whole day of makeup and my skin feels slightly dull
  • SK-II R.N.A. POWER Radical New Age – my go-to night time moisturiser in the colder month

Do you have go-to Japanese beauty products that you would like to share with me?? Please do let me know, I’m curious to explore more and perhaps discover exciting new favourite skincare or makeup brand from Japan πŸ™‚

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Don’t forget to follow me on my InstagramUntil next time everyone…


It’s finally here in Australia!

Let me take a second to contain my excitement…

Okay! In case, you haven’t heard, Sephora Australia has FINALLY stocked Fresh Beauty!!!

I will take another moment to gather my thoughts…

Right! At the moment, Sephora Australia stocked Fresh Beauty‘s most popular products. Obviously, if you go to Fresh Beauty official page, you can definitely grasp the vast variety of the beauty offerings. What’s available right now in Sephora is definitely a very curated selection of top sellers. I have been buying Fresh Beauty whenever I traveled overseas, and off course I have not tried everything. But I’ll give you a little insight on what I’ve tried below…


Soy Face CleanserWater based, gel cleanser. Second cleanse with a subtle and fresh cucumber scent. I have repurchased this cleanser twice cause I love it so much. This is my favourite cleanser in my AM routine, because of the fresh cucumber scent somehow wakes me up in the morning. This cleanser is rich in amino acids, so what you might ask, well Amino acids…

  • Promote collagen production
  • Helps to improve sun-damaged skin
  • Provide protection against free radical (highly reactive molecules that can have a negative impacts on our skin and body when they oxidize
  • Aid in wound healing, for minor skin injuries
  • Natural moisturising factor is amino acids’ primary components which facilitate proper skin barrier

Off course, cleansers probably would not do all that, because of the short duration it stays on our skin. But any little thing adds up to help and my skin does feel hydrated and supple after

Rose Deep Hydration Facial TonerThe main ingredients in this toner are glycerin, rosewater, angelica leaf extract and hyaluronic acid therefore no surprise that this toner is especially hydrating…

  • Glycerin is a common ingredients in hydrating skincare products as the acid helps add water to skin
  • Rosewater helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance, hydrate, revitalise and moisturise the skin for that refreshed look
  • Angelica leaf extract is a special plant that have the ability to retain water or moisture
  • Hyaluronic acid off course, our good friend that helps to attract water from your surrounding and binds moisture in your skin

It has actual rose petals inside the bottle. I definitely purchased this one because it looked pretty on shelf. I love to pump few drops on my hands and pat on my face, rather than on cotton pads

Rose Face MaskPossibly my most favourite out of everything I have tried from Fresh Beauty so far. It has actual rose petals in it with gel-like textures. The mask both hydrates and soothed your skin and because it is so gentle you can use it everyday if you want. The best thing is this mask contain both cucumber and aloe vera, which sooth and calm any flair up you might have


Fresh Beauty don’t do make-up but they do have their amazing tinted lip balm. Their SUGAR tinted lip balms are amazing! They give such natural colours, with yummy scents and my favourite is CORALfor it’s light burnt orange, peachy colour. The SUGAR Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy that I have is at this time, not available in Australia, but similar version called the SUGAR Lip Treatment Advanced Therapyis available. The one I have is a thick balm which melted on your lips because of your natural body heat. It has a light mint scent and I swear it works so well for dry, chapped lips. I know a few people who swore by this lip treatment for their dry and chapped lips.

I do encourage you to do a lovely trip to Sephora near you and see what’s in store, have a play, try the testers. I heard that their Black Tea line, especially the masks are especially beautiful. I can’t wait to explore more from Fresh Beauty soon now that it is so conveniently available here, down under. So Aussies are you going to give this brand a whirl?? If you’ve used Fresh Beauty before do leave a comment and let me know your favourites…

Thank you for reading everyone… I shall chat to you soon over at the comment section. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram


A Hydration Nation

As a Beauty Advisor in a skincare boutique, I am faced with the challenge of identifying clients’ skin condition/type on a daily basis. We never asked, “What’s your skin type?” Because I can guarantee you most of us have no clue, while the rest of us make assumptions. If you want to know more about skin, the largest organ of your body, there’s an amazing animated video by TED-ED on Youtube that talks about the science behind skin,


So what are the main answers I get when I asked about client’s skin? Dry, Sensitive or Combination…

Many have no idea about dehydration, which can be mistaken as dry, combination and sensitive skin. Dehydration is a condition in which you skin lacks water. Answer Yes or No to the following questions to help you determined if your skin is dehydrated;

1. My skin feels differently in the morning when I wake up, depending on my sleeping (or not sleeping) habit

2. My skin tone feels dull and lack of radiance

3. After sleepless nights, I notice some serious dark circles action

4. I only really drink water when I remember

If you answer mostly YES, you most probably have dehydrated skin. You can always get your skin hydration level measured in a skincare boutique or clinic to be sure, but remember dehydration is a skin condition that can affect any skin type, dry or oily. Dehydration can also come and go depending on diet, environment, wrong skincare products and numerous other factors.

Personally, I have an oily/dehydrated skin and as recent as end of last year, is when I first find out about it. Because I always assumed I’m oily, now that I have used the right skincare products to address both issues, my skin feels much better and less oily. Here are products I have personally tried and loved,

Serums are my most needed items in the skincare routine. Serums have smaller molecules in comparison to cream, which helps the nutrients penetrate deeper into your skin. The best hydrating ingredient is hyaluronic acid, as this particular acid helps to bind water in your skin as well as attracts water from the air into your skin. If you’re on a budget, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% +B5 is a good basic products with gel-like texture, no scents. Next week, L’Occitane will be launching their new Aqua Reotier line, which I have been trying out for 3 weeks. I have to tell you, the Prep Essence (a toner/serum) in the line is amazing. I will do a more in-depth review on the whole line very soon.

My personal favourite hydration serum is the Clinical Concentrate Hydration Booster from Dr. Dennis Gross because of its effectiveness and light texture. Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum is a maximum luxury product. It combines hyaluronic acid, red algae with 23-karat gold! Algae is known to be a firming ingredient used by many skincare brands such as La Mer and L’Occitane in their Divine Harmony range. It has a slightly gel-like texture compare to Dr. Dennis Gross serum.

Moisturising is an important follow up step to serum, as the cream helps to seal your serum in to the skin. Without moisturiser, your serums will basically evaporate out of your skin very quickly and won’t have the time to be absorb and properly nourished your skin. I won’t write too much about the L’Occitane Aqua Reotier range pictured above, like I said whole range review coming up, so… watch this space!! But I have been loving the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream, It formulated with blends of African oils, that helps to delivery nourishment and instant relief to dull, dehydrated skin. On the ingredients lists, coffee is also included which helps to wake up your tired skin. This cream also contain glycerin which helps to add water into the skin. Texture of the Lala Whipped Cream is quite thick, but don’t be afraid, it absorbs quickly and hydrates your skin without the shine. On a budget, the Light Hydrating Cream from AvΓ©ne is wonderful, contains their famous thermal water and glycerin. It is light in texture which is great for my oily skin type friends.

I shall stop here before this post turned into a novel. Like I said previously, make sure you consult a beauty advisor you can trust, and not the one that only want to sell you their products, and get your skin condition and type check correctly. Why is it important? So you can create a skincare routine that will help you maintain a healthy, beautiful and glowing skin. Skincare is an investment in yourself.

Now, I have been testing L’Occitane new range called Aqua Reotier which will be launched in stores worldwide in Australia on Monday! I have been trialling the products for 3 weeks now and have been so impressed. I will do a full blogpost on the whole line next week. Until then, I hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and I shall chat to you soon. Don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram. Do leave comments if you have any questions…


Tatcha, The Essence

“May enduring beauty and the wisdom of centuries now be yours.” – Tatcha

Tatcha Institutes formulated The Essence to help plump the skin with hydration and maximize the performance of any treatments that follow, according to its founder Victoria Tsai.

First Impression… The Essence has similar texture to SKII‘s Facial Treatment Essence. What I love about this one is the fact that it does not have the strange scent that I personally not a huge fan of in SKII.

How I’ve been using The Essence… I’ve recently discovered the Korean beauty method of layering your toner or essence. The method supposedly suggest to layer minimum of SEVEN times! Ok… firstly, ain’t nobody got time for that! Second, this baby is precious and has a precious price tag attached to it as well. So I still layer them, three times instead of the suggested seven, and use it in my night-time routine. Keep in mind, Tatcha suggest to place Essence on palm and press all over your face/neck ONCE, so yes… do that πŸ™‚

After the two weeks of use… I am so impressed by TatchaΒ The Essence. I have tried SKII and its more affordable K-beauty counter-part, Missha First Treatment Essence. I personally love Tatcha The Essence the most. Personally, the no-scent scent is a positive indication for me that Tatcha do not add random fragrance into their products. My skin definitely loves The Essence. I experience no reaction to the products either, which is a positive sign. Tatcha The Essence really do plump my skin and hydrates it properly, which helps even out the balance of water and oil in my skin during the day.

Do I recommend my family and friends to try… I personally have recommended The Essence to few work friend and they have personally purchased and enjoy it so so much. I must say, I will encourage you to go and get Tatcha The Essence if you’re not a fan of SKII scent and wanting a more affordable alternative. Not exactly a ground breaking must-have product for a lot of people, however personally for me, Tatcha The Essence have been doing positive improvements to my skin, so I LOVE it!

-love K.